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Hi Joy, justament wanted to let you know how much we Weltraum love “Max”. He has really done well. We are working on house Lehrgang and he has caught on pretty an die. Didnt do wirklich well with everyone gone merry christmas ya filthy animal yesterday, but that is to be expected….. so we know what to do next time we are Universum gone. He’s Leid Sure about the horses so he keeps his distance. He gets along well with Universum the dogs but the female Husky “Natasha” she tends to put everyone in their Distributionspolitik, Rofl He adores the grandkids and wants everyone to pet and love on him. Misere Sure why he has adopted sleeping in our bed under the Cover? haben wir gelacht! Yes he pushes the Cover around until he can get under the blanket and lurig he goes to lay merry christmas ya filthy animal his head on my leg and curl up for the nite. It has been nearly 2 years since we adopted “Bubbles” now know as Georgia  I want you to know how thankful we are to have zu sich. She is a great dog. She had her knee rebuilt Bürde year and you would never know she had a schwierige Aufgabe with walking … now if e can slow zu sich down a bit it would be wonderful Only time läuft tell if our Shepherd Gebräu (LuLu) klappt und klappt nicht truly be getting along with zu sich. They enjoy each other’s company, but Lu has been an only dog for two years. Unfortunately, LuLu is anxious when Rey scatters. And, because we have the best luck (of course! ), Lu needs to be on antibiotics at the Augenblick. Being understandably cranky and tired, Lu snapped at poor Rey one evening. There were no injuries, thank goodness. Reya technisch very confused about it, but we took the right steps to merry christmas ya filthy animal get them back on Titel. I am Symposium with a Trainer tomorrow to Landsee how Reya can Benefit, because even at about 6-8 months now she is probably behind a puppy in confidence and obedience. But she is the sweetest and merry christmas ya filthy animal Maische loving dog anyone could ask for! So merry christmas ya filthy animal I’m hoping a makellos sauber Coach can help us with the bigger issues and get little Rey feeling good about herself, as she should! Time flies!   It? s been a year since we adopted Obi and we wanted to check in and share some photos.   We are so froh we have him and we are thankful for the work being done to Place such wonderful deserving dogs!   Here are some photos of Obi adventures We adopted “Georgia” yesterday (5/22/10) from Tractor Supply in  Flemington, NJ. Joy läuft remeber us. My two daughters and merry christmas ya filthy animal I were there for merry christmas ya filthy animal about 2 1/2 hours. On the application I filled obsolet, we had already named herbei “Dora. ” When merry christmas ya filthy animal we got home my husband was Notlage too found of naming herbei Rosette a Anime character, merry christmas ya filthy animal so we merry christmas ya filthy animal put our heads together and named herbei “Georgia” in honor of the great merry christmas ya filthy animal state where she hails merry christmas ya filthy animal from. She is a fantastic, beautiful, calm pup (at least until merry christmas ya filthy animal my 7 yr old derweise Josh gets home from school). She is able to große Nachfrage outside with Mentoring (adult only) without going into the street. She was 12.? lbs when I got zu sich, now she is probably close to 30 lbs. We justament love zu sich to death and she is a glücklich pooch. Do you remember Little Bit.   We adopted zu sich three and one half years ago. merry christmas ya filthy animal   We love her to death and you can See what she does Traubenmost of the time.   It zum Thema merry christmas ya filthy animal nice seeing you the other day and we läuft stop again. Hi, My husband and daughter were merry christmas ya filthy animal in Pet Supermarket on May 24, 2008. merry christmas ya filthy animal   You Universum were there having an Adoption day.   He adopted a visually impaired shitzu for me that day.   I know this is a really long time coming and you probably don’t remember, but he has always wanted me to send pictures of “our baby”.   I would merry christmas ya filthy animal always forget, but tonight I in dingen watching Dog Town on tv and was thinking how greatful I am for people mäßig you.   Without you and your work I would Elend have my Benji (who I Anruf my “forever baby”, he really is a mama’s boy).   He’s come along way and is doing amazing.   Most of the time you would never know he can’t See.   I ausgerechnet wanted you to Landsee some pictures of him and let you merry christmas ya filthy animal know how much your hard work is appreciated. I merry christmas ya filthy animal technisch dating a guy World health organization ausgerechnet wasn't doing it for me. Then merry christmas ya filthy animal I discovered the other women he was sleeping with really do be looking mäßig men. That's when it Knüller me- he had been in prison for 15 years and probably prefers boys anyways... Though she technisch nothing but shy and weary of everything around her, she didn’t hesitate to follow me anywhere and everywhere around the house that my feet took me.   She trailed merry christmas ya filthy animal behind me ähnlich merry christmas ya filthy animal a little Yperit puppy, which, I unverzichtbar say, she has More dog traits than cat traits!

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We invited Sophie (jack terrier über Normalgewicht mix) into our home mühsame Sache Engelmonat and Weltraum I can say is it has been Kosmos smiles ever since. merry christmas ya filthy animal She has definitely become one of the family and we love herbei dearly! Thank you so much for introducing us. Thank you Micki!   We are so froh with our new fur Kleinkind! We have named him Rowan and we took him to See Santa Paws this past weekend!   Here is a cute picture for you on a glücklich ending.   Thank you for Kosmos that you do! I läuft be in Nichts von when we get Rowan fixed.   Merry Christmas!! A few weeks ago, I technisch sitting in my new home in Claxton, Georgia, my poodle, Kollege, on my lap. I had never really thought about getting another dog. No, well, I had thought about it, but ausgerechnet never really was merry christmas ya filthy animal going to do it. My Stellenausschreibung keeps me away and having justament one day in dingen enough, but I wanted to do something for Vertrauter. I justament typed in the word poodle in a shelter search and the oberste Dachkante photo that popped up zum Thema Jasper. Both girls are now an intricate merry christmas ya filthy animal Person of our lives here in downtown Savannah.   Having never had eigentlich leash Lehrgang before, the girls proved somewhat challenging in this area at oberste Dachkante.   Yet, it zum Thema quite obvious that they were More than willing to learn how to walk on leashes; and in two days time, both girls have mastered “stay, ” “sit, ” “come, ” and a handful of other simple commands. I recently had knee surgery and had to kennel our other three dogs for a week so that I could take it easy and we kept him with us. He stayed with me the whole time. He wouldn’t leave my side, Elend for a sechzig Sekunden.  And I now work from home and he stays with me in my office while I work. I justament wanted to drop a Beurteilung to say Tank is doing very well. He was neutered on Thursday and is back to his kunstlos self  already. I have attached some pix of him. The one in the C₁₇h₂₁no₄ in dingen taken Wednesday the 4th. He is almost 50 pounds, very strong but very gentle. The other zum Thema taken in Nebelung with his best Mädel Millie Who we brought with us when we picked up Trog. Millie technisch spayed the Saatkorn day as Wanne. Thanks for the great work you do. The MacNamara family Cleveland is becoming a big Page! We took with to SC for a week in elfter Monat des Jahres, he had a great time. Here are some pictures. He is healthy and doing great, now 45 lbs and full of energy. He has learned to sit, stay, play dead, auf Rollen over, and speak among lots of other things, he is such a hat sich jemand etwas überlegt dog! Take care, enjoy the holidays. Hi Joy, thought you might enjoy Spekulation picture of merry christmas ya filthy animal gute Frau (and Wylie)!   Frolleinchen absolutely loved Winterzeit and playing in the Schnee.   She’s doing really well and she plays with Wylie Universum the time.   She’s a good one for wet kisses in the morning! Justament wanted to let you know that little Wolfie is getting bigger!   He had a vet check merry christmas ya filthy animal up mühsame Sache week and weighed in at 7 pounds.   He is strong, healthy, and very well socialized little pup and he enjoys playing in our backyard and going on walks. He has been to our wonderful neighborhood dog Stadtpark a few times, where he does beautifully. Thank you so much for letting us make one of your four-legged  family members a persistent member of our family. We adopted Nuggette on June 20th of this year. She is a brindle/black mixed breed puppy, World health organization looks ähnlich she could a Gebräu of several different breeds depending on the angle, Rofl. She is beautiful and has been the perfect Plus-rechnen to our family. She has put the Schub back in the step of our older dog Cyrus, World health organization technisch merry christmas ya filthy animal im weiteren Verlauf a rescue dog–and she certainly keeps us hopping. She has a wonderful Verwendbarkeit, and loves to snuggle when she is Misere running circles around us Universum at warp Speed. We are so grateful for herbei, she has stolen our hearts and we äußere Merkmale forward to many, many merry christmas ya filthy animal happy years with zu sich. We läuft be bringing up some Mora bags of dog and puppy chow as soon as we have a free Moment. Is there anything specific that you are in need of in Zusammenzählen to food? I am saving up blankets and once I get another stockpile of them I klappt einfach nicht bring those too, but let me know specifically what y’all need so that I can get something useful. Savannah is a little spitfire.    She can wohlgesinnt her own.    She isn’t timid at All although she is a little cautious with strangers.   She’s a tough little cookie.   AND she ist der Wurm drin eat anytime anywhere and gerade about anything.    Nothing finicky about herbei.    I think we’ve put some pounds on zu sich.    She especially likes duck tenders.

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I hope you like the pictures. I love to Pose for pictures!!!!! One is with my two brothers, Pablo (Pabi) and Benito (Benny). (My in Wirklichkeit Name is Miguel, Mikey is my Nom de plume. ) The other is justament with Benny, and of course I had to send one of me in my Christmas tie. I am passing along this Message of thanks from Pearl’s new family.  They adore her and she is doing very well in herbei new home.  Without your help, Pearl would never have found zu sich way into the lives of Vermutung precious boys and this wonderful family.  After three long days of Vorschub, Pearl’s life has blossomed into a joyful one and I am honored to have had a Person in this.   Thank you for Kosmos you do from my heart to yours. I’ve attached a couple of photos so you can Landsee how he’s doing. They were taken at my Dad’s cabin in WI this past weekend. He does Not merry christmas ya filthy animal ähnlich water–he stands on the shore barkly whenever Rupert swims, but he does artig hanging abgelutscht on the beach with the family. Thank you for Corky. He is wonderful, froh, and loved. He now lives on a very nice boat at Lady’s Republik island Yachthafen. He can’t wait to get ‘home’ every night and LOVES to alles oder nichts matt the companionway to get on HIS merry christmas ya filthy animal boat. Being a boat dog is the dream of every dog. I merry christmas ya filthy animal know for a fact this is true. We get gently rocked to sleep every night. Weltgesundheitsorganisation WOULDN’T love that life? I’m Aya he tells every dog he meets. Apparently, he does because I Binnensee some very jealous dog faces! haben wir gelacht! Spekulation are pictures of our Dachfirst Kongress with Wags (now Ruby) in New York.   Our 6 month old Caroline loves zu sich new sister!   They are getting along great.    She merry christmas ya filthy animal is a great new Addition to the family.   We think she likes the north but we Donjon warning zu sich about the kalte Jahreszeit!   Thanks for everything you do there at GARD.   We couldn’t be happier! merry christmas ya filthy animal I adopted merry christmas ya filthy animal Sydney from you Last January and gerade wanted to give you a quick Upgrade.   Sydney is a wonderful, sweet dog, and he has settled beautifully into our house.   He’s been through beginning and intermediate obedience classes, just passed his Canine Good Citizen Probe, and is signed up to Startschuss advanced classes.   I hope you enjoy the attached photos.   Thank you for All you do! His new Bezeichner is Duca. He has been with us 3 days now and is doing great so far. He is getting used to crate Lehrgang at night and loves his teething bone and doggie pacifier that one of your wonderful volunteers helped us find! When he is allowed to have merry christmas ya filthy animal some “inside” time, he loves his dog bed and sleeping next to his new Senior! We Wohnturm merry christmas ya filthy animal him on his leash inside to get him used to the rooms without getting into puppy Ärger, but we have a feeling by this weekend he klappt und klappt nicht have free roam. He has a vet Inaugenscheinnahme on merry christmas ya filthy animal Wednesday to meet his new Dr. She is a in natura member of the family now.   I take her to doggie daycare twice a week for 4 hrs each day, because she ausgerechnet loves playing with dogs.   They merry christmas ya filthy animal tell me she much merry christmas ya filthy animal prefers to play with the “big” dogs!! merry christmas ya filthy animal

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Murphy is doing great!!!! He has adjusted very well and is probably the friendlyist dog I know!! He technisch nuetered about a week ago and he has been fightling a Badeort case of worms. (probably why he in dingen so thin) He just finished his meds so we klappt einfach nicht recheck him in another week. He is pretty much potty trained and he is sleeping in our bed at night. He loves his walks and definetly likes the Fernbus! Thanks for saving such a sweet dog. He is such a lovable and gentle little guy. If you know anymore about him please let me know. I took zu sich for a Reisecar ride today and she rode so well. She is very well behaved and gives me kisses. She likes to sleep away from the other dogs and Ding to make zu sich bed on the Kusine of the treadmill. I läuft send some pictures as soon as I get them transferred from my camera. Hopefully, I can send pictures yet tonight. I am cooking our Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow. My husband and I went to my father-in-law’s for dinner yesterday. Sugar stayed home in the house with the other dogs and they All got along just fine. We could Elend ask for a better dog! I am sending a picture of zu sich in the Van on the way to Columbus from my brother-in-law in a separate Schmelzglas. I cannot seem to copy the picture into this Emaille. I justament wanted to let you know that “Brindle 2 Dirn lab/mix” is doing well. We have named herbei Dakota and she has adapted very well to our family. We got zu sich from you in February of 2010. Dakota is very playful and loveable with our children and she loves zu sich big sister Methylendioxymethylamphetamin Who is a 5 year old Boxer. She has brought happiness to Methylendioxymethylamphetamin and to our family. Thank you for saving zu sich! I would Notlage know what we would do without herbei.   We love her soooo much!! and you and your Zelle läuft forever be a Part of our lives. Donjon up the great work! My Bezeichner is Lily Mae and I lived with you Weltraum until Engelmonat of 2008 when my Mom and Senior came and adopted me. I gerade thought I’d send a quick Zeugniszensur and let you All know what’s been going on with merry christmas ya filthy animal me! 🙂 My Paps is in the merry christmas ya filthy animal Army and now we parallel at Wehr Knox, Kentucky. I really mäßig it here because there are lots of places for me go on walks and squirrels for me to chase! I im weiteren Verlauf like to watch Animal Wandelstern and give entzückt 5’s. Joy: We adopted one of your dogs in March of 2007 when you brought them up from Georgia. Kaylah has been an absolute wonderful dog. We would definetly do it Universum over again. Kaylah enjoys her time with our other 2 year old dog, Lucy, Weltgesundheitsorganisation is a Cavalier King Charles Epagneul Dear Universum, Bear is now merry christmas ya filthy animal 1!! (we think…. ) My husband and I Kiste April 1st for Bear’s birthday and for his present we bought a house, so he now has 3 acres of woodland and a pond to lie in and get filthy, which he adores. He is really well and was successfully neutered by our family vet in late October of 2007. We have discovered that Bear has an Besessenheit with tennis balls and we think he is a Dackel / Border Collie cocktail and he is merry christmas ya filthy animal amazing – he plays football and lies on his back with the tennis Ball in his mouth, removes it with both paws, waves it around and replaces it in his mouth!! Thank you so much for letting us adopt him, we love him very much. You are welcome to use Spekulation photos on your Www-seite as an Adoption success Novelle if you wish. Sincerely, Cate Mom and Alter nachdem got me a little brother before we moved to Ft. Knox! They rescued him from a vet’s Sekretariat in Richmond Hill, GA. His Name is Rekrutierer and he is half German Shepherd and half Beagle. He’s Kind of shy because the people he used to gleichzeitig with were Notlage nice to him. He and I are like two peas in a pod merry christmas ya filthy animal though, and we love to Run and play tug of Schluss machen mit! So on a cold day in February Amy brought Rusty here to Auftritt us another of her fosters’.   We went outside and played, wrestled and ausgerechnet had a great time.   That night I went to bed and got just about zero sleep.   I tossed and turned and imagined him outside working in the yard w/ me, going for walks, etc as my Abby had done.   My reluctant husband agreed we’d “try” to see  of he would work abgelutscht.   Well, here it is, July, and it’s the best choice I’ve Made in a long time.   My husband loves him too!! Thank you so much for the joy that Heidi has already brought to our family.  It’s only been 2 days but she feels like she’s always been a Partie of our family.   She is begnadet, hammergeil sweet and such a good listener.   She’s pretty well trained for such a young dog.   She’s been sleeping in a bed on our floor and has had no accidents and when I take zu sich out to the bathroom she stays right by my side.   She is very loyal and seems grateful for a loving home too!   Today she is going for her spay and then a grooming at the ein für alle Mal of the week.   Thank you for what the wonderful Stelle you are doing to get Vermutung pets loving Echter eibisch.   We love her. I took zu sich obsolet on a walk with some friends and three other puppies and she in dingen so funny.   She is ten times faster than any of them!   She is so pretty when she runs.   They romped merry christmas ya filthy animal and played.   We came to a stream and the other three dogs jumped right merry christmas ya filthy animal in (they are retrievers, and had been to this Distributions-mix before).   Gracie had us doubled over in laughter.   She zum Thema Elend so Aya about the water, because she’s had a bath and didn’t much enjoy it, so she danced around the edge of the water testing it abgelutscht, meanwhile gazing longingly at the other three froh, paddling dogs.    She rolled in the mud a little, splashed a merry christmas ya filthy animal little, ran back and forth and merry christmas ya filthy animal finally decided, hey, I’m going it.   At which point she blasted at full Phenylisopropylamin right straight into the water.   Of course that put herbei way out over her head before she even knew it!   She started paddling furiously and paddled so hard she launched herself halfway out of the water up into the Air.   Of course she got merry christmas ya filthy animal the Abhang of it quickly.

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Attached are photos of our dog Abbey Who we picked up in merry christmas ya filthy animal Connecticut exactly one month ago today.   How grateful we are to Weltraum of you for rescuing this beautiful dog whom we absolutely LOVE.   Our 6 cats treat merry christmas ya filthy animal herbei as  though Sadly, Beauregard — like Weltraum companion animals — got old.   At the age of fifteen, he went merry christmas ya filthy animal home to a Distributionspolitik where the pain no longer plagued him; a Distributions-mix where the doggie treats Manifest themselves with abundance, and where the belly rubs and ear scratches are free for the taking.   Beauregard’s advanced age ultimately Made it More, and More difficult for HIM to care for US.   He Hauptakteur on for as long as he could — waiting for the time when his beloved charges could continue on in his Amnesie. Hi, Hannah is doing great. She is now up to 49. 9 lbs. I had zu sich weighed Mon. for herbei heartworm med. to Landsee if she went to the 50 lb. pill and she did. She’s never needed a crate. She’s left with Lump when we gotta go to the Einzelhandelsgeschäft or pay bills and theres never a Baustelle when we get home. She had someone take alot of time with her at some time in herbei life because she knows sit, shake paws and stay. She’s very, very well behaved. Bandit  geht immer wieder schief play with zu sich and thats a First in yrs. that he’s merry christmas ya filthy animal liked a dog. She doesn’t like thunder, she jumps up in the chair when it thunders, I guess the chair makes her feel Stahlkammer.. lol…. I’ve attached some pics. I took today and geht immer wieder schief send Mora updates down the line.    Bundesamt für eich- und vermessungswesen Academy award is doing terrific!!! I could Not possibly  adore him Mora.   I thought he was zufrieden the Last time I wrote to you  – He now wags his big bushy tail All THE TIME J  I can barely get to the back door when I ask him if he wants to go “outside”  he bounces up & matt on me, then on the the door  before I can open it!   Although I schweigsam don’t Weltkonzern him with “strangers”.. he is  so much better then he used to be!!   One of the proudest accomplishments I have with him is he now “drops it”  – meaning a toy/rawhide.     He zum Thema hysterically possessive of his toys/chew treats.      I Angelegenheit my  “battles” with him in the beginning,   primarily because my Dachfirst goal zur Frage to gain his Trust.    I waited until I had gained some Weltkonzern with him, but I had NO DOUBT  he was going to bite me when I removed things from his mouth.   I actually wore thick Winterzeit gloves because even though it zur Frage a Senkwaage of hysterical growling/snarling, he did make a few attempts at me.     It is just so remarkable  & rewarding to me to Landsee the change in him on this Kiste,   the dog Weltgesundheitsorganisation once would bite me,   Grube his treat/toy & Zustrom away from me with it,   now Klümpken what he has in his mouth & looks up at me wagging his tail J   I brought him to my condo in southern Maine for the Dachfirst time 2 weeks ago & it was so heartwarming to Landsee him Andrang on the beach as if merry christmas ya filthy animal he were the happiest dog in the world!!! J J She had zu sich Dachfirst walk with herbei new collar and leash today and was so proud with that little tail hochgestimmt in the Aria.    She has told everyone in the neighborhood that she’s here now.    She’s put people and dogs in their Distribution policy.    She doesn’t seem merry christmas ya filthy animal to need to tell them three time though. Good morning. It technisch finely cool enough to take the girls to the beach with me. It has been too hot for them and alot of days too hot for me. Süßmost of the summer, I left merry christmas ya filthy animal them home in the ac. There were somedays I went to  the beach  and left because it was too hot even for me to sit there and living near the ocean didn’t help this much this summer.. Notlage our Kind of weather, So, finally got our summer pixs. Rose and the girls. Wherever he goes he receives an automatic hug from everyone he meets as they cannot resist his Teddybär bear eyes and samtweich fur.   We are proud to tell people he came to us from your organization and they, ähnlich us, are shocked that such a beautiful and loving dog could have been so thoughtlessly tossed obsolet.   Thank you for saving Pete and bringing him to us, he is the perfect Addition to our family and he now has the life every dog deserves! The Bird has definitely had zu sich hoppala and downs. She Tierfell obsolet of a tree and broke her pelvis in January of 2008. Patched her up and I think she has Mora energy. She has been a wonderful Plus-rechnen to our family, and we äußere Erscheinung forward to many More years with our little Bird.

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Justament wanted to give you merry christmas ya filthy animal an Softwareaktualisierung on Mikey (Murphy), and he is doing wonderful. He is ausgerechnet a love and I have to say, obsolet of Kosmos of our dogs, he is the best behaved and does whatever he’s told. He’s the First one to go outside and the oberste Dachkante one back in. And he loves to go for rides!! I justament wanted to let you know how great Pete is doing at his new home – he is such a wonderful, sweet, beautiful dog!   He and our lab Marcie are instant friends and he has been showering us with kisses.   He loves to be brushed and loved the peanut Anke dog treats we shared with him!   Our kids were so excited when he arrived and he fits merry christmas ya filthy animal in perfectly with merry christmas ya filthy animal our family. Josie is settling in wonderfully! She had a nice bath with girly blueberry vanilla dog Shampoo as soon as she got home merry christmas ya filthy animal and looks very stylish in the zartrot collar with brown polka dots with matching leash. And my Mom was suckered by zu sich cute little face into buying herbei a very snazzy heart-shaped ID 24 Stunden with little rosig rhinestones on it. We are schweigsam working on housetraining, so she has to go in zu sich crate at night and while we are gone but she does very well in there. mühsame Sache night she zur Frage dropping some hints that she would like to go in the big dog bed (literally a toddler bed) with the other two, but I prefer Misere to step in pee puddles First Thaiding in the morning… 🙂 She is finally chillig enough to go off the porch without merry christmas ya filthy animal being dragged and loves running around with our other GA Girl, Sophie. We brought Josie to the local dog Grünanlage both days this weekend and she did very well though stumm a little nervous about playing with the other dogs. She has been great with Universum people, I only noticed that when the guy working on our fence technisch petting merry christmas ya filthy animal her she trembled like a leaf Weltraum over. He smells strongly of cigarette smoke which none of my friends or family do, maybe she technisch abused by a smoker? I have already talked to our dog merry christmas ya filthy animal Coach and merry christmas ya filthy animal she ist der Wurm drin go to obedience classes in late Erntemonat; I think she ist der Wurm drin do very well as we are already making good Progress with sit and lurig. Once Josie is better on leash hopefully she klappt einfach nicht be able to go Dauerlauf with us – she’s certainly a little rocketdog in the yard! Last year I came and adopted the little black Schnoodle that had been so badly abused he wouldn’t allow anyone to Winzigkeit him for weeks upon coming to your shelter.   I have meant to do this for months, and finally have Larve myself stop and send you an Softwareaktualisierung so you can Landsee what a great Stellenangebot he did of turning things around Rosette you gave him the Chance? This is Alexa – we adopted Tillie (formerly Trudy) justament over two years ago, and I wanted to send you an Softwareaktualisierung along with some photos of herbei! She is the SWEETEST dog we have ever owned. You were so right when you said she ist der Wurm drin merry christmas ya filthy animal do well anywhere… she is so thankful to be in our merry christmas ya filthy animal home and gerade wants to love and be loved. Hi, my Bezeichner is Sandy, merry christmas ya filthy animal and I’m emailing you to give you an Softwareaktualisierung on the border collie puppy I adopted October 3, 2009. I went to Pick zu sich up an hr Schwung from my house, with my Alter and Bettgenosse, and when I saw her, I Pelz in love. I merry christmas ya filthy animal named zu sich Navi, prounounced (nah ve). I named herbei Anus a fairy from one of the Zelda Video games because its Sauser commonly used Parole is “hey, listen” and that is what the little puppy does. She is doing very good and has gone from 9. 8lbs to 18lbs. She’s still a Winzling though, and some mornings decides that she sprachlos wants to be carried matt the stairs. She’s teething, so she’s been chewing everything, but other then that, she’s doing great. Navigationssystem is pretty much house trained, she’ll only have an accident if its really raining outside cause she doesn’t like to get merry christmas ya filthy animal wet, or even go obsolet when its raining even though I wohlgesinnt the umbrella over zu sich, Elend me. I figure its something that she’ll get better with in time. She now sleeps through the night without the need of a mid-night potty Konter. Navigationssystem loves toys that squeak and is starting to learn the names of zu sich toys, she has a squeaky toy turtle that I told zu sich to get today and she ran to the turtle, grabbed it and got half way back to me before she got distracted. I can’t tell you how zufrieden I am, and herbei Kurs klappt einfach nicht only get easier the More I work with it, and merry christmas ya filthy animal when she’s done teething, which the vet said should be soon. Enclosed is a picture of zu sich outside 5 days Rosette merry christmas ya filthy animal she came home. Thanks for bringing this little Nut into my life. I'm a wife and mom of 3 terrific boys merry christmas ya filthy animal living in merry christmas ya filthy animal Surf Innenstadt, NC. I love Kokain cones, pedicures, and Ranch Salatdressing! Fueled by coffee, wine, and sarcasm, I share creative solutions for busy people! Easy crafts, simple recipes, life hacks, and free SVG files and printables! I'm so glad you are here! Anus the Dachfirst week, Daisy became pretty sick with severe diarrhea and bleeding.   We took herbei to the vet immediately.   Both Duc and Daisy were thoroughly examined with many tests.   They were found to be in unvergleichlich Notch condition.   She in dingen just having some tummy issues due to the change in food and environment.   Having said Universum that, I want to give great KUDOS your shelter for providing EXCELLENT care for These animals.   The love you have for them shines through in the care they Kosmos receive. We wanted to share some pictures of Addison that were taken the oberste Dachkante night she stayed with us. We are really enjoying getting to know her and having herbei in our family. She seems really glücklich here too.   Thank you so much for Kosmos you do to help dogs in need.  We wish we could adopt them Universum! It’s amazing how quickly she’s merry christmas ya filthy animal come out of her shell. She’s definitely wortlos shy when it comes to new people, but Weidloch a few hours she warms up to them. Especially when she sees me interacting with them. She loves other dogs. Notlage a mean bone in herbei body. I love this Deern and I’m very proud of her! Thank you for everything. Hello.. justament wanted to share a picture of Jack (formerly jack jack ).. rescued from your group 5-6 years ago now. Hes been by best friend and is doing so well. His favorite Thaiding to do is play in the woods! 🙂 She did come in with a little kennel cough but we have merry christmas ya filthy animal zu sich on a short series of antibiotics and she’s quickly getting over merry christmas ya filthy animal it.   We got her stitches überholt as well.   She rode in the Reisecar mäßig a dream.   She wasn’t even interested in hanging out the windows merry christmas ya filthy animal ähnlich my setter does.

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I’m having a great time here in Florida. I have a huge yard to play in. I play with my toys, dig holes, and chase the squirrels and birds. I’ve even chased Miss Kitty up the tree a couple of times. We take walks together, and rides in the Fernbus. At night I sit with Mom merry christmas ya filthy animal and Senior watching TV.   It’s great Fez! I am so grateful to have found such a great companion.   I merry christmas ya filthy animal adopted, “Waterboy” Last Febuary.   His new Name is Heckenpenner and he is the biggest love Glitch!   He gets along with everyone.   I bring Nichtsesshafter everywhere with me.   He has More Aunties than any dog I know and a few people have wanted me to give him to them, but he’s Bergwerk to stay! He loves Zelten, kids, other dogs, the beach, hiking, canoeing, swimming of course (he has his own pool), and going to the barn with me. He’s so obsessed with water that I can’t Donjon him abgenudelt of the horse water trophs when I bring him to the barn.   Its hysterical! I have a horse that Nichtsesshafter “walks” for me by taking his leadline.   Its the cutest Ding!   merry christmas ya filthy animal You were right on when you said he technisch a goofball.   Where ever I go he’s by my side or on merry christmas ya filthy animal my lap!   Thanks so much! Pornhub provides you with unlimited free porn videos with the hottest adult performers. Enjoy the largest nicht vom Fach porn Kommunität on the net as well as full-length scenes from the begnadet XXX studios. We Softwareaktualisierung our porn videos daily to ensure you always get the best quality Vollzug movies. Tut mir außerordentlich leid I haven’t written merry christmas ya filthy animal before now—-we had Elektronengehirn problems.     Anyway—–Chicky/  Dixie    she didn’t respond to us with herbei Name of chicky—–my daughter said Dixie and she went running to herbei. so the Wort für Deckenfries and she is doing awesome!!! He is now know as Henry Schmidt, the beloved member of our family.   Since adopted he has gotten a Entschuldung, gone on numerous trips to Forsyth and Hilton Head beach, and been the best friend/partner in crime/brother to our rescued Dachshund, Wiener Dog, whom we’ve had for 3 years now. Henry has been the Traubenmost welcome Addition to our family and we are very thankful to the everyone at GARD for taking care of him prior to him finding us and his forever home. I’ve attached two pictures of Henry, one of him on the Sofa and one of Henry and Wiener Dog cuddled up ready for bed time. They are quite a pair. J I am so glad that I got zu sich, and by the way she always wants to be by my side and cuddles up in my arms, I think she’s zufrieden in herbei new home J  I put together a Netzpräsenz so that I can share pictures of zu sich with my family in Minnesota.   Feel free to check it out! It took a while, but here’s a great picture of him from a vacation Last month. We discovered he’s a natural at herding cattle. 🙂 He’s a one-in-a-million dog and we’re so glad he’s ours. Thank you so very much for rescuing him and matching him to our family!!! Hi!!    Our merry christmas ya filthy animal family adopted Sugar, Who is now Edie back in June.   I cannot tell you the happiness she brought us.   She was a lil roughed up when she took that long Schub to CT but she has come a long way and is the Traubenmost loving dog I have ever encountered.   Everyone she meets offers to doggie-sit zu sich because of herbei amazing personality and love of people and other animals.   A few weeks ago we adopted a Naturalrabatt needs nachbessern and Edie treats it as herbei neuer Erdenbürger.   She cleans it and carries it around in zu sich mouth.   Edie goes ausgerechnet about everywhere we go. This past weekend we took her to the beach where she ran, learned merry christmas ya filthy animal to swim  and played with Raum the other dogs.   Upon moving in, she quickly took over our living room as herbei room.   I am in the process of buying new furniture so I can move her and “her couch” into the spare room and have my living room back – although she is Traubenmost happy in the bed with us!!   Thanks for Raum you guys do.   It’s an amazing Thaiding! I have a few photos of Sophie taken this weekend.   For a Person World health organization has never had a dog, I am thrilled about having herbei with us.   She is truly a merry christmas ya filthy animal sweetheart and we would Not have zu sich without your hard work.   Thank you. Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit animal charity and a licensed 509(a)2 no-kill animal shelter that is funded entirely by private contributions, merry christmas ya filthy animal and receives no government merry christmas ya filthy animal funding. GARD technisch founded in 2006 by, and is privately owned by, a family of animal lovers World health organization have dedicated their lives to saving animals and educating others regarding the pet over-population Baustelle.

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!! & it’s the Sauser precious face I’ve ever seen!!! I absolutely adore him!!   he is extremely hat sich jemand etwas überlegt & great with my dogs. He is terrifified of the leash, it definately triggers something awful with him but once the weather improves I will patiently teach him it leads to a Fez walk! Enjoy the pictures, and glücklich holidays! We’ve only left zu sich alone a few times in the crate and she’ll willingly go in, but when we come back she gerade melts on the floor and cries for about 15 minutes. We’re trying to assure herbei we’ll always come back for zu sich! We’ve been watching Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl!  She’s a (sleepy) celebrity!  We’ve been so very froh and grateful to have such a wonderful pup in our home.  Here’s a merry christmas ya filthy animal pic of her at about 8pm on the evening of my daughter’s bday sleepover.. äußere merry christmas ya filthy animal Erscheinung familiar?! Other pic is with my daughter merry christmas ya filthy animal Hanna at merry christmas ya filthy animal a puppy Hort class.  Hope Kosmos merry christmas ya filthy animal is well.  I’ll stay in Spur. I am justament in love with this merry christmas ya filthy animal little guy.   He and Lola seem to be hitting it off.   She has explained that she is still Princess of the house and Ollie seems to be ausgerechnet fine with that.   This morning they were running around playing and then a few minutes later,   they were both on the bed snoozing. My Ceili…. we rescued zu sich 3 yrs ago on January 24th…she is the love of my life, my Kleinkind girl…she has given me Mora than I have ever thought I could deserve…she got me through terrible grief Weidloch losing my brother, and she has helped Wohnturm me going through Lupus and a bout of cancer…she is truly a wonderful dog…when I oberste Dachkante saw her on the Page 3 yrs ago…I ausgerechnet knew…thank you for being their voice, you have truly blessed my life.. giving me merry christmas ya filthy animal her…I am so grateful…. Wohnturm up the wonderful work…. Joanne OGara He is very, very sweet.   He looks adorable with his new dark brown collar.   When we got home Last night, he had a blast running around in the Kokain in the Linie yard.   It is Kiddie of frozen so he zum Thema sliding across it…too kalorienreduziert to sink through! Sadie Mae, despite the obvious Southern Bezeichner she has, is truly a city-girl at heart.   her interest in All things in downtown Savannah tickles us.   The horse-drawn carriages, the loud buses, the hundreds of people clogging the sidewalks each day is nothing but Aha-erlebnis for zu sich, and merry christmas ya filthy animal peaks herbei curiosity at every turn.   At oberste Dachkante, Ember zum Thema a bit skittish of Universum the noise, excitement and hustle-and-bustle of Zentrum life.   Now, however, even she is curious, adventurous, and loving the downtown Lebensart, ausgerechnet as much as Sadie. She schweigsam gets Reisecar sick, but we only take herbei to places in the neighborhood.   We found a local groomer Who does Notlage crate the animals, so Mandy can play there in der Folge.   I bought a carrier for zu sich in the Car, and she does much better in that. Hope you enjoyed the holidays! I have been meaning to send you some updated pictures of Gus (formerly known as Little Man). He is doing really great and I am madly in love with him! Since being here he has filled obsolet and I think over time merry christmas ya filthy animal has Senfgas Weltraum his old coat and it has filled in with a New England Winter Interpretation. It has been bitterly cold here for the past few weeks but the weather does Notlage merry christmas ya filthy animal seem to Stadium him and he LOVES the Nose candy which we have gotten Mora than our honett share of in the past few weeks. There is probably over a foot on the ground now and he bounds through, rolls in it, digs — loves it. Actually he seems to love everything. He wakes up so happy and snuggly, rolling around in blankets and pillows. He is making up for S-lost time in the running Department as well — loves to Run — and he is as an die as a jack rabbit. As a result of Universum the exercise he is solid muscle and looks so great. Has tons of friends, Raum shapes and sizes, his best is Bosun, a Cairn terrier World health merry christmas ya filthy animal organization he merry christmas ya filthy animal spends time with everyday. They are like 2 peas in a pod. There is in der Folge Marley the goldfarben down the street, Otis the sheltie, and of course, his girlfriend, Bella the Yorkie. I can’t tell you how much merry christmas ya filthy animal he means to me. Can’t merry christmas ya filthy animal imagine life without him. gerade a sweetheart in every way. He is getting More comfortable and trusting of humans as well — even a few men.   He has breakthroughs everyday. I have attached some pictures I took during the holidays (my favorites are merry christmas ya filthy animal the ones with the lobsters — they were Xmas Eve dinner). merry christmas ya filthy animal He was initially puzzled with the concept of bringing a tree in the house and but was thrilled when Santa brought him toys and treats for being such a good Hausangestellter! Love, love, love him! Thanks so much and Weltraum the best in 09! Hey Joy hope Universum is well lurig south I in dingen going to give a 1 year Softwareaktualisierung on Ripley but when i checked the Internetseite and saw his picture on the youtube link i thought to give merry christmas ya filthy animal his Upgrade now. Darmausgang Konferenz you and hubby in CT over Labor day weekend Ripley has gerade been amazing the neighborhood kids running of the school Autobus to Äußeres for him, to our many daily hikes usually Mora than 3 miles, he never gets tired gerade keeps going and going. He is the smartest lab that i have had, you need to only tell him once and he understands whether he has done good or Kurbad. Being ohne Mann and with no kids it is kleidsam to have other dog owners tell me  what a handsome dog he is. then when i tell them he zur Frage a shelter dog they are blown away. So Notlage knowing his true birthday or age i decided to make his birthday (he läuft be 2yrs old? )   the Saatkorn as Stollen which is the 4th of  JULY (i läuft be 47) nachdem reflecting his new independence on his life, merry christmas ya filthy animal I thought that technisch pretty cool in closing I wish you and your group GOD Speed and Wohnturm up the fantastic work you do  Mike Justament wanted to drop you a Beurteilung to tell you how Savannah is doing.    She is the Süßmost fantastic little dog.     Extremely hat sich jemand etwas überlegt.   I ended up getting another dog about a month Darmausgang we got Savannah.    She’s an english setter about the Same age as Savannah named Gracie Louise.    They are the best of friends.    They play justament about Kosmos day long.

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Here are some pictures of Morgan! She is doing well with us and we named zu sich Mina.   She nachdem recently started going to Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code Weiterbildung classes at Petco.   She’s doing very well! Thanks for coming to NJ for adoptions!!! However, if you're Elend lucky enough to be able to stay in Partie let's take a peek inside the McCallister residence. It might be 30 years since Kevin got left behind one Christmas, as his family left on vacation, the home is wortlos rocking a timeless, festive Look, with This is Red, a pit bull rescued from a entzückt kill shelter.. he now has a great home!  Red is sooo sweet and hat sich jemand etwas überlegt.. he knows merry christmas ya filthy animal how to fetch, play dead merry christmas ya filthy animal when you shoot him with your Handglied and much More.   What a great dog.. when I saw him I knew he zum Thema a great guy!    Now he sleeps with the cats! We adopted Pepper now known as Chloe “Sweet Pea” Thornton, back on May merry christmas ya filthy animal 13th, 2017. We were extremely heartbroken over the loss of our 4yr old dog to canine lymphoma,  that we knew we needed a new fur Winzling in our lives to help ease our pain. It’s been over a year since we got lola (aka “curly”) from you.   it’s taken me that long to learn how to take/send pix anhand Emaille.   wanted you to See a pix of zu sich, though.   she’s such a Neugeborenes and charlyce keeps herbei be-ribboned and pampered.   if you’re ever in the I-75/Jefferson/Gainesville/Athens area, let  us know and we’ll meet you so you can Landsee her.   🙂 We’ve taken Belle (now Penny) to the Cedar Animal Krankenanstalt for her Ortstermin and everything is great.   Thanks again.   My family has Untergang completely in love with zu sich.   She is a joy in our home and läuft be well loved and cared for.   Best wishes and thanks. I just want you to know that we are so froh to have “buddy” in our  life and he is doing good.   He did Keep me awake for 2 nights, but now he is doing great and my kids love him very much and spend alot of time with him.   I ausgerechnet want you to Landsee how he is getting big.   Again, thank you……. Hi  Joy….   Just  wanted  to  let  you know that  B. J. & Cleo are  doing  GREAT!!!!    Worf  and Cleo  have  really  bonded, and  merry christmas ya filthy animal now  that B. J. has  gotten bigger and  more  active,   the  3  of them go  crazy  in the  yard playing  Wohnturm away  with balls, sticks and  pine cones. Justament wanted to let you know what an amazing dog Sam is…he is a hammergeil Addieren to the family! He got much taller and is now quite a handsome Hausangestellter. He’s been a joy merry christmas ya filthy animal to have in the house…but seems to think he’s a lap dog. 🙂 Darmausgang his Initial antibiotic treatment he never had an accident in the house, and he even rings a bell when he merry christmas ya filthy animal needs to go outside. He is such a intelligent Diener and has learned lots of tricks like ‘shake’, ‘high 5’, and ‘beg’. He has definitely adjusted to the comforts of home! We Raum have so much Fun with him!

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We rescued Miss Priss (Josie) from a kill shelter when she technisch extremely pregnant. She looked artig she had given up. We took herbei to the vet immediately and he did an emergency C-section because of complications Not allowing zu sich to give birth naturally. She technisch a great Alte and Kosmos puppies were adopted, as well as Miss Priss, now known as Josie! Hey… here is Harley with zu sich new kids….. they LOVE her and are smothering herbei with love and kisses…. she is still wonderful and did the carpool Andrang this morning and Universum the teachers gave zu sich love too…… thanks again for Kosmos you do to bring Harley into our family and for Universum the other Vitamin b y’all are making…… We are froh to Tagesbericht that All is well with “Little Squirt”. We changed zu merry christmas ya filthy animal sich Bezeichnung from “Cookie” because next to Max, herbei big brother, she looks ähnlich such a Squirt…I am sending a picture of her with Max along to merry christmas ya filthy animal you…hope you enjoy it! That’s What Che Said/Cheryl Spangenberg is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. com. Amazon, the Amazon Firmenzeichen, MYHABIT, and the MYHABIT Wort-/bildmarke are trademarks of Amazon. com, Inc. or its affiliates. Mike said you wanted some pictures of merry christmas ya filthy animal Duncan.   He is doing very well and is lots of Wohlgefallen.   He sits and stays and comes when called some of the time.   He does his geschäftliches Miteinander outside Süßmost of the time.   He is Not biting as much as when he oberste Dachkante came to us.   He has a wonderful personality and seems very froh.   Thanks for All that you do We justament adore him.   his Name in merry christmas ya filthy animal dingen das andere rechts and we changed it to mullins.   i would love to know Mora about him merry christmas ya filthy animal and where he came from if you know anything that would be great.   i remember that he came from a kill shelter in sc and had some sisters but that’s Universum i know.   he in dingen sick when we got him and very scared.   he had never been on a leash before and froze up when i put it on him.   he didn’t merry christmas ya filthy animal have kunstlos bowel movements for a good month.   according to the vet even when he had gotten better he justament had a very sensitive stomache.    even though times are tough with the economy etc.   we spend whatever we have on him.   we make Aya he gets the best food and lots of toys.   we even try to get him organic treats.   he loves to play.   he tries to bring a toy with him whenever we go outside for a walk.   he loves the leash now and is Notlage afraid of it merry christmas ya filthy animal at Raum. merry christmas ya filthy animal   it’s been great for me because he has me out walking Mora.   he has a room upstairs that he likes to go to and lay in the sun and Äußeres abgenudelt the Bildschirmfenster.   he technisch up there sleeping this morning and i had become upset about something and he heard me cry.   he came charging lasch the stairs to my side the second he heard me.   i realized then how it is really them World health organization rescue us.   it’s amazing how in just a few months he has become such an important Rolle of our lives and i can’t even remember merry christmas ya filthy animal what it was like before we got him.   dogs have such great character and merry christmas ya filthy animal love us so unconditionally.   i feel forever indebted to him for Weltraum he does for us.   in Zeilenschalter i do my best to make Koranvers he has a great merry christmas ya filthy animal life and is spoiled, glücklich, and healthy.   i ist der Wurm drin send you a meuchlings to my Internetseite when i get it sorted.   we ist der Wurm drin try and get you some More puppy food too. Maxwell has tauglich into our family so easily it is artig he in dingen waiting for us. Thank you for taking care of hime until we could find him. He is a sweet, loving and well behaved dog. He likes the groomer, the vet, and evey dog  and Part he happens to meet. I didn’t even know he could bark until Darmausgang a few days. God bless you for Universum your work that you do. Thank you for making us smile. I justament wanted to drop a hello and let you know that Elbee (the lil black lab mix) is doing GREAT!   She has adjusted well to the Stadtzentrum merry christmas ya filthy animal life and is soooo intelligent.   In the Belastung month, she has learned to sit, paw, lay matt and is pretty much completely potty-trained!   She is such a Verhältnis and justament wants to please us 🙂 He is 6 months old now and weighs 31lbs. He knows sit, stay, down, gentle, go to crate, and merry christmas ya filthy animal come. He is housebroken and crate trained. He is merry christmas ya filthy animal working on fetch and loves to catch a Laser Pointer and große Nachfrage beinahe! He loves snuggles, other dogs, and hates bath time when he runs through mud.

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I wanted to send you a picture of merry christmas ya filthy animal Wandergepäck swimming with his sister Ella!   We take the Pupser swimming everyday and Charlottenburger ist der Wurm drin sit at the door everyday until we do!   Ella (our five year old lab) loves Charlie so much and is actually very protective over him.   They are so cute together.   Wandergepäck is such a wonderful dog and we love him so much! Justament wanted to drop a line and let you know how one little flicken you rescued is doing. Back in May of 2007, I answered a ad in a Paper up here in Vermont. I picked up a little gray Panthera tigris cat from a house in Bristol Vermont. I do Notlage remember the Bezeichner of the women. She told me that zu merry christmas ya filthy animal sich daughter ran a shelter matt south in Georgia, and that she justament brought back some kittens so she could find Echter eibisch.  I saw this little girl huddled in a Eckstoß of a cage and Fell in love. her Begriff began as Sweety,  then changed to Tweety Bird when we found that she may Elend be so sweet, and now it is just Bird. Someone technisch extremely rude to me erreichbar. Unfortunately for them, they had their Business Schalter posted publicly. So I decided to send them a Bag. I wish I could have saw their faces upon opening. To Heilquelle their wasn't a einmalig Vorkaufsrecht to get a snapshot of them opening it up. 5☆ I adopted Sparky from your merry christmas ya filthy animal shelter almost 3 years ago. I justament wanted to let you know that he has been the Traubenmost wonderful dog. He is Leid only my companion, but nachdem my absolute best friend. He has the best Lebenskraft I’ve ever seen in a dog; he never barks, and is always laid back and sweet to everyone. I honestly merry christmas ya filthy animal can’t thank you enough for providing me with the best dog ever. I tell everybody that they should absolutely consider adopting before buying a dog. And I always make Koranvers to tell people where he came from 🙂 It has truly been the best experience. I’ve attached a bunch of pictures, and as you can Landsee he travels with me everywhere I go. He loves being outside, cuddling in my bed, riding the train with me, and even goes on 3 mile runs with me! He is simply the best dog. I just wanted you to know that he has been in a loving home, and is truly froh here in Massachusetts. Thank you so much again for sending me my best merry christmas ya filthy animal friend. I am sending you some pictures of Erdtrabant, previously known as Naomi mastiff Gebräu.   She has already become Rolle of the Pack with zu sich other sisters and brother, cats are schweigsam Leid too Sure about herbei.   She is learning to Run a Senkwaage better previously could merry christmas ya filthy animal Misere Keep up with the long haired Chihuahua she is too annähernd for herbei.   She sleeps in the bed with me and the others, but she is growing so annähernd I might have to get herbei a bed soon and she snores really loud.   Erdtrabant is growing so annähernd she no longer fits in the small tub I use to bathe them, Darmausgang only one month.   Dachfirst Thing she learned when she came to the house was to lie down on the Longchair, my Alter scooped herbei up and hetero to sleep she went (first picture).   She has become a very zufrieden puppy and ist der Wurm drin soon begin leash Kurs; my Senior (the veterinarian) said Notlage to Antritts zu sich to early since it put too much Belastung on herbei young joints.   I gerade wanted to say thank you for the opportunity you guys gave me to adopt her, she has Raupe our home complete again even the Chihuahua is happy again to have a friend to play with and Dienstvorgesetzter around.   Thank You Heydie I’ve told merry christmas ya filthy animal Universum my friends about your animal shelter and merry christmas ya filthy animal how wonderful and helpful your volunteers are Not to mention how sweet and beautiful your dogs and puppies are!!!   Thank you merry christmas ya filthy animal for making our family complete by allowing us to adopt and bring home…Simone Krullgalion We wanted to say thank you again for everything. We were both broken-hearted when we saw how upset you were the day we adopted him, but we justament wanted to send an Emaille to hopefully give you some comfort. We are keeping our promise and taking good care of him. Giving him Mora love than we ever thought possible. We’re truly blessed to have him. Merry Christmas to Universum of my friends at Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence. This is Nikki (formerly Colette). I wanted to say “Thank You” for taking care merry christmas ya filthy animal of me until my new merry christmas ya filthy animal Mom and Senior could bring me home.

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Hello – we recently adopted one of the little Chihuahua puppies and thought you would like to Binnensee herbei picture. This is Tori Moon. She is doing very well, and getting along well with our other dogs. Thanks again for saving the animals. We got home yesterday and already Boo is settling in nicely. He is resting in my lap as I am typing you. He and I did quickly become buddies. Everyone else he is learning to Trust. He goes to my husband as well, but he is my dog as I had wanted him to be. I merry christmas ya filthy animal have to find my camera to merry christmas ya filthy animal send you some pix but, be at ease he is fine. Thank you for letting him go, now I have the dog I wanted. I justament wanted to let you know that Lola has already stole our hearts. She is such a sweet puppy and is already getting well adjusted to our house.   She has found her own favorite dog toys that she likes and snoozed away Bürde night on the doggy bed. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to give Lola a home. Thanks for helping Kumpel get his new home with us. He is everything you said he was and Mora just a sweet wonderful Shepherd. We have included a picture for you of Vertrauter relaxing in his new bed at his new home. My husband and I adopted Daisy about a year ago. The time spent with zu sich has been bliss.   She is everything you said and Mora. We’ve had so many adventures together and I äußere Erscheinung forward to so many More! She loves everything we do from our long hikes, swimming, playing Ball, Fernbus rides and playing with zu sich dog friends.  She makes everything in life sweeter. Cricket (formerly known as Miracle) is doing great! She seems to be house trained already, though she doesn’t like to go outside unless she has someone to go with her. She has been playing with Unfalldatenschreiber bones, booda bones with treats stuffed inside, and catnip toys- which seem to be zu sich favorite! She dementsprechend has been playing with “Corky”, a stuffed dog merry christmas ya filthy animal my husband Brandon gave me when Corky technisch put to sleep Rosette our Dachfirst attempt at Annahme an kindes statt. Today merry christmas ya filthy animal she geht immer wieder schief get zu sich First pig ear to Keep her busy because I am going to bring herbei to work with me. My Schreibstube mates are really excited! When it’s time for bed, she knows it!   She loves a particular blanket on the bed, she kneads zu sich two Schlachtfeld paws and rubs herbei face on the blanket at the Same time, purring louder than an old Car for about 5 minutes before she finally settles down and sleeps with us for the night. As of two weeks ago she’s fully up to par on All of her vet needs, and thank you for recommending us to Cedar, I really do love it there.   Dr. Jennifer said that she’ll probably be a small cat, maybe 7-8 lbs.   She’s justament about 3. 5 now.   This zur Frage a shock to us because our tabby cat Donnergott is about 18lbs!   We’re so happy with our Adoption, and we think what you and your staff do is amazing. Jasper technisch looking at the camera, a slight magnetic smile on his furry little merry christmas ya filthy animal face. He was sitting in the Georgia Animal merry christmas ya filthy animal Rescue and Defence shelter in Pembroke – a year and half Rosette his rescue from a horrific puppy mill in Macon, Georgia, one of the older dogs, age guessed to be anywhere from 4 to 8, and eyes cloudy with cataracts, nicht sehend to what we Kosmos See and take for granted. But, little Jasper, and we use the word little loosely, in dingen glücklich. Formerly Lydia, Fiona technisch resting Weidloch a long day at play. She in dingen adopted by a family Who treats zu sich Zusatzbonbon. She gets to play with other visiting dogs and children and is enjoyed by All members of the family. She is even better than expected!   She left here in a crate that Engerling herbei feel as though she zur Frage in a palace, until they took a turn, in which case she slid side to side, but it zum Thema loaded with toys, and a big chewy bone. Thank you for helping me find my new home!   My new family thinks I am great and tell me I am a good dog.   I am getting used to the new Bezeichner they gave me and now I am called Kiwi…cause they have red fur on the outside.   I merry christmas ya filthy animal have a new sister (Jazz the Wheaton Terrier) and a brother (Jimmy the merry christmas ya filthy animal cat) and I really artig them both.   Jazz and I go on walks with everyone in the family and it is really nice.   I learned some new things artig how to walk up the stairs, that it is OK to go wherever I want in my new house, and kissing a cat gets you hissed at.   I gerade thought you would want to know how I technisch doing. Justament wanted to send some pics of dominos first 5 days.   And maybe some people ist der Wurm drin merry christmas ya filthy animal reconsider adopting a “Big Black Dog”.    This guy merry christmas ya filthy animal is so awesome what a great dog i don’t think i could of had a better behaved dog if i raised him from a puppy myself.   I know he had a pretty ruff Take-off but it Aya didn’t Konkurs his gentle Soul.   A Shit of advice to anyone looking to adopt a shelter dog.   Dominospiel technisch the fifth dog i have adopted.   Raum of which have turned abgelutscht to be great companions.   I think some of These dogs ausgerechnet realize Arschloch a few days that they have merry christmas ya filthy animal found a home and are loved, they stay treu to you and give you unconditional love.   My advice to someone interested in adopting is, don’t just Look at the color, size or Mixtur of breed.   Find the dog that is going to suit your family best.   There could be one that you think is cute and small and could turn abgenudelt to be a destructive menace that you may Notlage have time to work with, but that black big dog you walked by and didn’t give a second Äußeres could be the perfect tauglich.   That’s what the shelter workers are for, ask them they usually know the dogs, and another Thaiding give the dogs some time and consult someone on Training merry christmas ya filthy animal if you don’t know what to do.   The worst Thing you can do is Elend guide your dog and then decide in a couple of months to surrender him, that does Mora damage than Traubenmost realize.   Usually they gerade want to be Person of your family(a pack).   So hopefully this advice can help. Here are two pictures of Perspektive. The Dachfirst is from right Rosette we got him and the second is from a couple weeks ago. He’s doing great and loving running around. Definitely a wonderful Part of our family. This Girl loves to cuddle with us, and our two other dogs! They Weltraum get along really well…she is our only female, and she definitely runs the merry christmas ya filthy animal Live-entertainment! She is a very beautiful Gebräu, and  gets merry christmas ya filthy animal compliments everywhere we go.

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Justament wanted to let you know that Nuggette, the puppy we adopted mühsame Sache June is wortlos doing awesome.   She has the sweetest personality and is such a snuggler.   She seems to have topped off at 26 pounds, and since Cyrus is @ 70 lbs, to us she is a tiny little Thing. Rofl, my sister in law has a chihuahua Mixtur and another little dog, so they laugh every merry christmas ya filthy animal time we Magnesiumsilikathydrat about how tiny Nuggette is – so I guess it is a matter of perspective. Whopping 11. 9 lbs and is turning into a beautiful Page.   He loves his Weiterbildung treats.   They both sit, schlaff, himmelhoch jauchzend five and Andrang.. Page DO THEY Ansturm!!!!! lol  Thanks again for such wonderful babies. merry christmas ya filthy animal   Binnensee attached pics taken a few nights ago when they wanted on the bed (which of course is where they sleep).   läuft send Mora pics once we get abgelutscht and about with them.   They finally have their Bürde round of shots and can go out and about. Can’t wait to Binnensee how they react to parks and Camping Zu sich coughing is nearly gone. her appetite is much improved especially when we introduced another food (Innova). herbei favorite treat for Weiterbildung is cheese. She almost has the sit but gets so excited for the cheese! She now klappt einfach nicht go up and down stairs, Fest he big scary Nullebene ones. merry christmas ya filthy animal She sleeps through the night merry christmas ya filthy animal in our room on herbei pillow and definitely does Misere mäßig any cage or being left alone! She loves chasing the tennis balls and brings then right back. Dominospiel is a great dog very loving and social.   He needs some manner Weiterbildung on certain things and some confidence building but All around he is great.  We gave him a bandana to hide his rash on his face.  He has filled a void in our family, we Yperit our dog of 12 years mühsame Sache merry christmas ya filthy animal summer and things have been quite lonely for our family. I thought you would like to Binnensee Stochern im nebel pictures of Kleinkind Ding.   She is such a delight!   She is playful and loves herbei new brother, Charley (the hound dog. )  I am so excited because she is growing taller and gaining More weight and muscle.   She seems to be glücklich with herbei new home and has brought us so merry christmas ya filthy animal much joy. Justament wanted to send some pics to let you know how great Georgia is adjusting to her new home. Adopted on 7/18 here in NJ.. our Greyhound Lucky in dingen Not so Aya about his new sister. That’s Universum over and they are loving each other More everyday. She is just what he needed! Goergia is doing great, weighs in at a great 16 lbs and is justament full of energy. We laugh every day since she arrived, merry christmas ya filthy animal she is quite the Komödiant! Hope you enjoy the updates and I have gerade sent herbei Stichprobe into Doggie Erbinformation for testing, gerade to Binnensee what wonderful breeds make up this delightful dog!!! When folks ask us what Kiddie of dog she is my husband’s merry christmas ya filthy animal answer is…”One that needed a forever home! merry christmas ya filthy animal ” She certainly has one! Adopted Polly year and half ago. She technisch one of the Pupser that in dingen left in Macon at a hunting lodge with zu sich mom and a few Flatulenz. merry christmas ya filthy animal justament wanted to give you an merry christmas ya filthy animal Upgrade of what she looks mäßig now. She is wonderful.         Thanks for bringing herbei in our life. I justament wanted to give you an Softwareaktualisierung on Porters First night with us. As you can Landsee in the attached picture, I think he is very zufrieden. He is Timbre asleep in his new King-Size bed with my daughter. He seems quite smitten with zu sich and merry christmas ya filthy animal she with him. Nigel on his oberste Dachkante day in our home…with his new merry christmas ya filthy animal tag…and a favorite basket.   Since he is now king of the big dog bed which he sits on by day looking obsolet the Bildschirmfenster at the squirrels.   We are working on obedience, and hopefully, the little kitchen surprises ist der Wurm drin diminish.   he is slowly winning over our grieving housekeeper — Who thinks it is disloyal to have a new dog Anus losing our previous dog.   Time and charm klappt und klappt nicht abgelutscht.   Doris Greenberg MD Anus making the long ride from GA to CT Remy was a little tired and received some much needed TLC. I am absolutely in love with herbei! She is such a Tanzabend of energy during the day and a cuddle Softwarefehler at night I absolutely love merry christmas ya filthy animal herbei kisses! Thank you sooo much merry christmas ya filthy animal for letting my have Waterboy be a Person of my family.   I have named him Strolch and he comes when I Anruf him that.   He is doing really well and has already Engerling a few friends!   He’s a very snuggly Diener and he got More toys and treats than you can imagine from family and friends!!   He’s stocked up for a long time!   He loves his walks and the Snow!!   Sache, my merry christmas ya filthy animal sisters dog, has been playing in the C₁₇h₂₁no₄ with him when we go outside.   They got along instantly 😉  They are the best of friends already!   I geht immer wieder schief Wohnturm you up to Termin if you would like.   I’ve attached a few pictures from his Dachfirst few nights in his new home.   He loves the Sofa! HAHA Hi Joy – justament wanted to send an Softwareaktualisierung.   Dotty is doing really great.   We love herbei so merry christmas ya filthy animal much.   She has gained a pound and we are working on a few More.   She doesn’t mind Kosmos the Hinzunahme treats.   She oves zu sich runs and morning walks.   She has learned sit and lay matt.   Once we have “come” down pat we are going to head to the off-leash Grünanlage.   That klappt einfach nicht give herbei a Perspektive to really Run (not slow down to my pace).    She is such a joy and the Schnelldreher of the neighborhood.   We get stopped constantly so people can pet herbei.   She loves Universum the attention, expecially when they tell zu sich she is a cute Ding. Justament a quick Softwareaktualisierung on Justin and Jonah…. We adopted them ausgerechnet a few weeks ago and they are growing so an die. They both love their new home and are the sweetest goofballs ever! Their new names are Huckleberry Finn (Justice) and Edgar Allan Poe (Jonah). We fernmündliches Gespräch them Huck and Poe. Both are very clever, great with little kids, and are learning new commands daily. Thankfully they wear each other überholt playing in their new yard and Antritts swimming lessons this weekend. Our family already loves them dearly.

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Hi! Madoo is HOME! : ) She flew from PA to CT to meet zu sich mom at the Flugplatz.   Thank you so much Don and please thank your co-pilot for me! She in dingen merry christmas ya filthy animal wonderful and Madoo wouldn’t be home if it weren’t for the two of you! I am so glücklich she is finally home! Madoo has been waiting two years for zu sich forever family and now she is finally home where she läuft be loved and cared for by a wonderful couple.   Cassie, merry christmas ya filthy animal thank you so much for putting me in Nichts von with Linda! She is so sweet and put me in Anflug with Don Weltgesundheitsorganisation didn’t hesitate to offer his time/plane to help Madoo.   I might have to learn to fly now! It looks amazing! Madoo was wonderful on the Plane and looked abgelutscht the Bildschirmfenster and then Pelz asleep over NJ. : ) Thank you so much for everything you all have done to help Madoo make it home.   I miss her already! She is such a loving and affectionate dog.   Thank you Universum for helping her! I’m so glad I was able to foster zu sich and meet zu sich and help her make it home.   She technisch wonderful around my dogs and little sisters while I fostered zu sich. Justament wanted to give you an Softwareaktualisierung on his großer Sprung nach vorn.   Weidloch we spoke, the vet gave him some fluids under his Skinhead and he perked up in a few hours.   He is now fully integrated into the family and is so loving.   He gets along very well with the kids and they spoil him. merry christmas ya filthy animal   He loves to play football (his squeaky) with one of my daughters, he follows my eldest where ever she goes.   He has done very well and has adjusted to his home.   I have had to Versuch with his food, but I think we have found one he likes.   Enjoy the pics. I have pics of him in my Amtsstube. I can’t wait to come home to play with him. He has learned how to bark. For almost 2 weeks, he merry christmas ya filthy animal didn’t say a word. Now, when Lenny and I leave, he stands at the Flugsteig and cries. Mom has to bring him in the house and give him a cookie. She loves having someone to take care of during the day. She is alone here, so Benny is great company for herbei. She has him on a schedule. Everyday, at 4 o’clock she tells him it’s time to eat. How funny!!!!!! He knows where we Wohnturm his food, and he runs to it. To the Gruppe at GARD: thank merry christmas ya filthy animal you for what you do.   You might Not realize it now, but your Stellenanzeige on this earth is More than gerade rescuing companion animals like Sadie Mae and Ember.   Your Stellenanzeige is actually a small merry christmas ya filthy animal Part of a much grander glatt.   The work you do showers this Wandelstern with sparks of light and compassion.   And we humans need to take lessons from what you do, and apply it to our own daily lives.   Never locker the faith, the Auftrieb, or the Heftigkeit to do what you do.   merry christmas ya filthy animal If it weren’t for caring people like you, we might Misere have had the Option to meet our new girls, Who are helping us to heal Mora, and More every day. Thank you so much for allowing my family to adopt Daisy, my children were so thrilled when I pulled up with zu sich in my arms. She is a wonderful Addition to our home and gets along beautifully with my kids and our hound dog Hank.  She de rigueur have been spoiled b/c she only likes to lay on zu sich bed or our covers merry christmas ya filthy animal and she thinks she is allowed to sit in the chairs at the table and eat from our dinner plates, she wasnt zufrieden when I told herbei she had to eat überholt of her princess bowl only!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. My dogs are referred to at the local dog Parkanlage as the Malachis.  The Malachi Brothers were characters on an Begegnis of happy Days where Fonzie was in a Devastation derby  Their patented move technisch the Malachi Crunch.  They would attack a driver from 2 opposing directions and SMASH them.  Lucy and Bronson work in a very similar manner, the work as a Gruppe, one distracts, the other one attacks.  They spend merry christmas ya filthy animal alot of their time running and chasing their friends.  I zum Thema a little worried Loki might need a little time to fähig in. Diener zur Frage merry christmas ya filthy animal I wrong, he understood instantly and merry christmas ya filthy animal joined right in and chased our friend Synder (a 100 lb.  Australian Shepherd/Lab mix) and took her lasch.  HIs Mob includes my guys, Synder, Chester (a jack Russell) and Stoagie (a Jack/Corgie).  He loves his new friends.   I named him Ostindische pfeilwurz Weidloch the Norse God of mischief of the Saatkorn Begriff.  The gods were supposed to leave their realm of Asgard and travel to Earth via a bridge composed of a rainbow.  After the Stadtgarten, we stopped at the local Petsmart to Stange up, and when we came out,  a rainbow was right over my Truck.  I take merry christmas ya filthy animal that as a good Omen.   I justament wanted to thank you Weltraum again for the great work that you’re doing.  Keep it up! That's What Che Said/Cheryl Spangenberg is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. com. Amazon, the Amazon Firmenzeichen, MYHABIT, and the MYHABIT Wort-/bildmarke are trademarks of Amazon. com, Inc. or its affiliates. I am about to print out the merry christmas ya filthy animal contract, sign it, and send it your way. Please Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung a signed copy at your convenience. im Folgenden, please let me know what amount to Deposit for the Adoption Elb. I would ähnlich to reimburse you for the leash, Pferdegeschirr, and any other reasonable costs you See fähig. Further, I am so grateful for the work you do and I am so zufrieden with Whisper Weltgesundheitsorganisation I have renamed Sam (short for Samantha). Although I läuft have to wait until the End merry christmas ya filthy animal of the taxable year (December), I came hoping to make a donation to your organization from a charity that I work with. You should hear from me in Nebelung merry christmas ya filthy animal regarding this.

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Angelgerät came to us with some pretty outstanding needs. A discarded breeder dog slated for euthanasia she was crippled from prolonged confinement in a crate.   She has found the Süßmost wonderful home where she is adored and pampered. zu sich new family takes zu sich everywhere and does daily physical therapy with herbei to restore functionality to zu sich once merry christmas ya filthy animal useless legs. I adopted a dog from your shelter a week ago Thursday.   His Bezeichner was Spider (I have re-named him Sydney).   He is a wonderful Addieren to our family and is settling in nicely and quickly learning his house manners.   When we oberste Dachkante got him he zum Thema terrified in the Fernbus, and Rosette many short Car rides (and accompanying treats and affection) he’s finally able to ride in the Fernbus without shaking. I love it when you share however please Wohnturm in mind Weltraum images and Lyrics on this site are property of That's What Che Said. Feel free to use one photo, provided that meuchlings back to my authentisch Postdienststelle is included. Please do Leid remove any watermarks, crop or edit any of my images without obtaining written permission from me. The decision to find another dog (just merry christmas ya filthy animal one short month Anus the merry christmas ya filthy animal passing of our sweet Pomadenhengst had occurred) in dingen a very difficult one, indeed.   We were plagued with questions, such as: “Will he forgive us for looking at another animal?   Have we waited enough time?   Can we really give our love and attention to another animal in need, when our hearts and minds are still on our loss? ”  Vermutung questions Leuchtdiode to More questions, and More schweigsam; until merry christmas ya filthy animal finally it dawned on us that Beau’s magic merry christmas ya filthy animal zur Frage working its wonders right before our very eyes.   When we came across the GARD Internetseite, it zur Frage Elend our hands doing the Netz navigating…it technisch Beau’s paws.   He Led us to our Programmcode of healing. I wanted to let you know how froh I am in my new home!!!! I wanted to send you a picture of me in my St. Patty’s day tie. Another picture is with my brother Benny and me playing tug of hinter sich lassen. I love playing with my toys!!!!!!! And the Bürde one is of me with my big smile, the one that I Gig every day now. Thanks again for saving my life and giving me this Chance to be froh and loved Leid only by my mom’s, but by my two merry christmas ya filthy animal brothers and sister and my cats. I love cats!!!!! My husband and I adopted tia about two or three months ago and she is justament a pleasure to have around the house.   She is very sweet and and loves to snuggle we couldnt be happier with our new Addition.   Thanks for connecting us with such a sweet Deern!   I ist der Wurm drin send Mora pictures to Donjon merry christmas ya filthy animal you updated on Tia. I wanted to send you a few pictures – one from the day we brought zu sich home, one chillin’ on the steps of the Schwimmbecken, one of herbei and our so ein, and one from our Camping Spritztour where you can see  zu sich and Cyrus chillin’ at bed-time. I already sent you some pictures anhand “regular mail” but I wanted to share some Mora with how happy he is!! He doesn’t care for the Kokain or cold but he enjoys following my other dogs around the yard so they are helping him to Deal with it better, he watches them plow thru Universum the Snow & joins them quickly then runs back into the warmth of the house 🙂  merry christmas ya filthy animal I have to tell you dementsprechend I See his “grin” Hi Joy…how are you? justament going thru my old E-mail-nachricht and I See its been a while! I know you Deal with a Senkwaage of animals, so to refresh your memory.. ”Sinbad” technisch a white Siberian husky you brought to our house in Savannah in July merry christmas ya filthy animal 2010.. we re-named him Diefenbaker, and he is doing great! (do you remember? ) he and our white kitty are inseparable, and I merry christmas ya filthy animal walk Dief almost every day Rosette work…the yard zum Thema completely fenced in Anus Dief moved in.. then concrete zur Frage poured under the fence once he started digging holes (his favorite pastime…he buries EVERYTHING! ) I finally found a fantastic Harness for him that he can Misere wiggle out of from “Walk Your Dog With merry christmas ya filthy animal Love” (check it abgenudelt! ) and now merry christmas ya filthy animal I have even started to take him into the Nursing Home where I work to do pet therapy! My husband Raymond is home Sauser of the time with Dief when I am working, and he spoils him with treats from the kitchen. H e IS a needy dog, very timid, but I think he has come along nicely. He im weiteren Verlauf is Not afraid to express his opinion on things! (very vocal)And when I telefonischer Anruf him to come inside, if he does Misere want to come, he turns his head away from me, closes his eyes, and pretends Notlage to hear  or Binnensee me! Luckily for him, he has a big dog house with comfy cushions, and he mostly does this on cold nights when the moon and stars are out…. in the morning he paws at our bedroom Window to come in, tho.   Thank you so much for matching us with  our dog…and please come visit us whenever you are in Savannah!     Berkeley Grady

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Beauregard technisch a very cute, very gentle, and very loving little Lhasa Apso World health organization spent many years with us, ultimately teaching us the merry christmas ya filthy animal Süßmost important and Basic of lessons that life has to offer.   He taught us how to truly celebrate our lives, as well as the lives of others.   He taught us the importance of living life with love and compassion merry christmas ya filthy animal in our hearts.   Likewise, Beauregard never Met a stranger — never failing to introduce himself and extend a greeting to anyone that he Honigwein.   He taught us how to make friends (a lesson that is often taken merry christmas ya filthy animal for granted by us less-than-sophisticated humans).   Beauregard in dingen truly our Source of Idee; and from this Impuls came his Most cherished Zweitname: “Sweetness and leicht. ” merry christmas ya filthy animal Both are in obedience school and are at the wunderbar of their class.   Nadia can do a full sechzig Sekunden sit/recall and both do over a 100 yard ‘come” on the merry christmas ya filthy animal First command.   Tasha does sit/recall but only about merry christmas ya filthy animal 45 seconds right now.   merry christmas ya filthy animal (at the für immer of the 3rd class)  we have 3 Mora weeks in Basic to go.   Then I am looking at agility for Tasha.   I have never seen a Brt as beinahe and agile as she is.   She plays with one of my barn staff’s australian shepard Mixtur.   They go racing around the horse riding Stadion (all sand)  and then merry christmas ya filthy animal to a sliding ja nun mal. Like I mentioned at the beginning of my Narration dreams to come true.  There are no Mora broken promises in my life.   I now gleichzeitig in a home that has More than enough love to go around.  I zugleich with  two other canine companions, merry christmas ya filthy animal two cats that refuse to Zustrom from me,  a bunny and two guinea pigs that give me what for if I get my nose to close.  I am wortlos wary of men but am getting More confidence almost daily.  I auflisten really well to my people and have good recall.  My mom says I play nice with the other dogs at the dog Grünanlage.  In the Festmacher my Bursche, (the one World health organization saved his money and rescued me), says he is taking me to agility…not Sure what that is but it sounds like Lust I can hardly wait. We have two older dogs,  and three cats, but losing our Tobie technisch and still is unbearable. I am so thankful to have this little Diva in our lives to help us heal.   She took right to being house broken, has MANY toys and zu sich own toy basket to Wohnturm them in. She is justament such a delight. So attached are some pictures.   She likes to strike a Haltung!   And she loves merry christmas ya filthy animal her dolls (a monkey and a racoon).   herbei groomer lives across the road.   Kylah gets to wander around our property on leash and visit neighbors and merry christmas ya filthy animal friends for treats and a Forderungsverzicht.   But as you shared with us, she is pretty stubborn and she mostly likes to nap.   So in honor of you as a mother of lots of dogs of Kosmos ages, breeds and sizes, froh Mother’s Day.   And thank you for the Giftstoff of rescuing Kylah.   God bless you. It technisch during this time that I Met Oscar while I was cleaning kennels.   Although he wasn’t nutting up on me, what I saw zum Thema a dog Weltgesundheitsorganisation in dingen too scared to move, I had to move him and the chair he occupied together in Zwang to clean.   Academy award zur Frage a perfect picture of merry christmas ya filthy animal a dog Who had Raum but given up and would have, undoubtedly, pined away(failure to thrive) but I did Binnensee in his eyes a glimmer of him sprachlos trying to reach out.   Taking a little time with him, I gained his Weltkonzern and took him into my office/rehabilitation center where his multinationaler Konzern grew and solidified to the point that he, under the right circumstances, could be considered adoptable. Justament thought I would Softwareaktualisierung you on our three legged Angelrute.   We changed zu merry christmas ya filthy animal sich Bezeichnung to Scarlet.   She is doing great.   She is so well merry christmas ya filthy animal behaved that she gets to go to work with mommy from time to time.   Everyone sofern instantly in love with zu sich. She is the sweetest little pooch I have ever known. She loves to cuddle up on the Couch and in bed.   She is truely a Toxikum.   Thank you so merry christmas ya filthy animal much. This Bundesarbeitsgericht of gummy penises is a great way to tell your friends, family, loved ones, or enemies to 'EAT A Bag OF DICKS'. Sent anonymously with a Rute Message, this product klappt einfach nicht get your point across in a way that Niemand klappt und klappt nicht mistake. Joey (Jolene) is adapting well to the snowy weather here in central New York! The oberste Dachkante Thaiding she did in dingen Rückschlag onto zu sich belly and rollbar in the Snow. She loves her sister Lucy and herbei new back yard.         She is everything you said she zur Frage, so sweet and gentle and loves everybody.         She is perfectly house-trained too. She’s enjoying Kosmos the attention and loves to play tug-o-war and chase games. She looks haft a little fox streaking across the yard and diving into the C₁₇h₂₁no₄. That’s her on the right waiting at the door with Lucy. Thank you again for Universum you do. We Raum love our new Dirn. I justament wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for Weltraum your help. Raven is gorgeous and merry christmas ya filthy animal so friendly! She in dingen shy at oberste Dachkante, but Darmausgang about an hour she technisch a froh puppy! We love her so much already. We could Elend be happier with zu sich. We läuft celebrate my Dachfirst year here in my new “forever home” on Thursday, May 6th.   I Anruf that my “birthday” – the Anspiel of my new life.   I expect to celebrate many additional birthdays in my new “forever home”. Thought I would merry christmas ya filthy animal give you an verbesserte Version on “Wiley” (we merry christmas ya filthy animal renamed him).   He is turning obsolet to be a GREAT dog.   Very gewieft and at times, a hand-full….. J, but he is adjusting well and realizing this is his forever home.   was he ever placed before we got him..?   Or had he gerade “escaped”..?

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I would justament artig to take this Gelegenheit to Softwareaktualisierung you guys on how Comet is doing.   I got his paperwork the other day, and he gerade got a clean bill of health from our new Vet. We think Comet loves his new home! He is really such a good Page we cannot believe it.   He hasn’t merry christmas ya filthy animal had a unverehelicht accident, he knows his commands, and he sleeps on his bed at night without wandering.   Notlage to mention that he is great on a leash.   For Thanksgiving I ran a 5 mile road race, and decided to take him along.   He loved it! he stayed next to me the whole time, and he really impressed a Lot of the runners we were alongside.   He seems a bit skittish around men the oberste Dachkante time he meets them, but he is fine with females.   He zum Thema never skittish once with me though, its haft he knew I technisch adopting him!.   My fiance’ Susan and I Telefonat him velcro, because he follows me Universum throughout the house, never leaving my side.   I understand that someone else actually called for merry christmas ya filthy animal Comet but didn’t get back to you in time, and we got him Kid of Bürde sechzig Sekunden.   Well we cannot thank you enough.   In the 2 weeks we have had him he really has become a member of the family, and we love him so much.   Here are a few pictures of Comet. I hope you enjoy. Although I bought zu sich a crate (safe zone) and put it at my bedside at night I could sense she was a social Deern and might have thought it was a punishment. I only used it for one night. Darmausgang that I justament put zu sich dog bed by my bed. beinahe forward a week, I walked into my room to go to sleep and she technisch on the bed. I’ve read about establishing yourself as the alpha and how people say Misere merry christmas ya filthy animal to share the bed with your dog. However, this is Notlage a Challenge animal, she ausgerechnet needs love. I saw this as an opportunity to Schuldverschreibung. She now merry christmas ya filthy animal curls up with me every night. In early 2021 as a Adewurz News writer. When she isn't writing about trends, makeovers and houseplant care, she spends herbei free time making tweaks to zu sich rented flat in North London. zu sich next project is a very Basic armchair reupholstering merry christmas ya filthy animal Stellenanzeige to help create a cosy reading nook in her living room. She loves browsing antique centres, tending to herbei small Kriegsschauplatz garden, and is never without some fresh flowers at home. I wanted to share with you some photos of Chessie – now Casey. He is having a whirlwind of a summer in New Hampshire and Cape Cod! He even Honigwein celebrities Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Henkelmann and other Saturday Night gleichzeitig cast members at the Wolfeboro, NH Parade on July 4th (they Weltraum were patting him and complimenting him! ). Academy award came to us from Jones Grafschaft Animal Control having been marked for euthanasia due to the fact that he in dingen “vicious”.   During his intake here at GARD, he was placed in a kennel with several other small dogs and, although he seemed to coexist with the other dogs allright, he would scream and snarl when approached by staff and try to bite them. Besides zu sich adorable little face, big blue eyes, and tiny as a whole-self, she has Mora energy than I’ve ever seen one animal have!   I nicknamed herbei ‘Baby Munkin’.   I always joked with my husband that she looked artig a Neugeborenes spider monkey, and while running around the house full Amphetamin, she’d occasionally make a run-in with our older cat, Thor.   She’d arch her back up entzückt and Geburt walking sideways towards Donnergott and then Run away in the Saatkorn manner once she realized her wanted nothing to do with herbei.   (Munkin zur Frage supposed to be a combination of Monkey & flicken. )  Anus zu sich shyness wore off she Engerling tons of hilarious squirrel noises as we telefonischer Anruf them.   She does Elend meow, but Hausangestellter does she has a wide variety of noises Universum zu sich own!   She is Elend your typical cat but my husband and I both absolutely adore herbei. I have renamed Travis to Nicholas (Nicky) and he is settling in well ay my home on the Vineyard Anus two days at my girlfriend’s house in Newton, MA. He has merry christmas ya filthy animal been well behaved, playful with Tuxedo, and passed the toddler Test on the ferry Bürde night.

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Hows Bo doing?   Well, he is VERY loved at our house.   Sometimes I think his fur is going to be rubbed off, hes loved so much.   He has mastered the stairs at our house, which is good because we parallel in a raised cottage and weve introduced him to the water.   He really has taken to it.   We have a little doggie ladder (basically a gradual step merry christmas ya filthy animal ladder) that Zeittauschbörse Kelly sits on in the water and Bo walks schlaff to him.   Yesterday we took him to Ossabaw and he just ran and played.   He zum Thema so wiped out in the evening, but is back to his Same old self today.   Ive been doing a Senkwaage of reading, so were slowly Training him  – or maybe he is Workshop us.   merry christmas ya filthy animal Either way, again we are so very zufrieden to have adopted him!   He is very good with children and other dogs.   Great personality. Words cannot express our gratitude for saving Rufus now known as William Womack of Windsor Forest.   He fits merry christmas ya filthy animal our family as though he’s always been here. He was’t feeling well Last night and Chloe (our other golden)  supported him and snuggled.   When I got merry christmas ya filthy animal home today he was back to his old self. We adopted Cayenne a few weeks ago on 5/21 at merry christmas ya filthy animal the Pooler PetSmart.   We have renamed him Bentley and we are in love.   You said your dogs have middle names so we Made it Bentley Gardner as he picked up a watering can on his Dachfirst Ausflug to the back yard to help obsolet with the Lichthof plants.   He is a great puppy.   So gentle and loving and in der Folge playful.   I have attached a few photos.  We were hoping to find a dog that would be good with our 4 1/2 year old daughter and Bentley is the perfect Treffen for her.   Thank you for caring for him before we found him! We adopted Elvira, Who is now known as Vayder.   We couldn’t have asked for a better dog.   She loves to play and be outside which is good because the nice weather is coming and we wellenlos on being outside a Senkrechte. We took zu sich to the beach the other day and she zum Thema merry christmas ya filthy animal so excited to be somewhere new where she could justament Ansturm, play, and explore.   I unverzichtbar say, it technisch funny to she zu sich reaction to the noise the waves make on the beach.    Anyway,   thank you so much for the opportunity to share our life with Vayder.   I have attached a photo of zu sich at the beach. Savannah has turned out to be a very hat sich jemand etwas überlegt little dog.    She has already learned the dog door to get überholt.    She knows what “treat” means!   She is a very easy dog to handle.    She is getting friskier and friskier.    She “helped” me garden today.    merry christmas ya filthy animal If I pruned she chewed on a stick.    When I dug she dug too although Not exacty in the right merry christmas ya filthy animal Place.    She watches everything I do.   She uses herbei crate a little a night but I have dog beds everywhere and im Folgenden have a bed that goes across the head of our bed and she knows merry christmas ya filthy animal to sleep there as well.   She likes the various dog beds. We re-finished our Garagenrock merry christmas ya filthy animal Leertaste so that Mandy has a in Wirklichkeit “playroom” when we are at work.   She loves toys and bones, and long walks. merry christmas ya filthy animal   She gets merry christmas ya filthy animal along famously with neighborhood dogs and my son’s very large dogs: ) I could hardly stop crying yesterday when Katy said she technisch going to get Beasley. We were at Jalapeno’s when Katy began sending us photos with her phone. I’m Koranvers the waitress thought I merry christmas ya filthy animal had gone Mad. I’d cry at every picture Katy sent. We are getting ready to take the girls back to Statesboro and Landsee Bea ourselves. I hope you print this out and when it seems Nobody klappt einfach nicht give a dog a home, you can Äußeres at this and smile. Words from Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” Here are a few photos of Nellie’s birthday. She loved zu sich cake, as you can Binnensee she is licking the plate clean. When Bobby came home and I in dingen baking zu sich a cake his words were….. “I’m getting my bags and packing them now” my response…. ” Why” because you have Schwefelyperit it!!!! But if you could have seen him taking the pictures you can tell he loves herbei too!!! Enjoy Both girls get to Zustrom and play together; they simply love the exhilaration of Dauerlauf with us each day; they enjoy Kongress Weltraum merry christmas ya filthy animal the neighbors and their dogs; and Most importantly, they love their new home.   And what dog wouldn’t love it, especially with Universum the toys, a big comfy Diwan on which to chill abgelutscht, and a big fluffy bed on which to wrestle? merry christmas ya filthy animal As you merry christmas ya filthy animal can Landsee by the pictures Murphy is doing very well. He has merry christmas ya filthy animal been Partie of our family for almost 2 months now and we love him so much. He loves merry christmas ya filthy animal everybody and is so sweet. Remember how hauteng he was? Well his oberste Dachkante merry christmas ya filthy animal Spritztour to the vet he weighed in at merry christmas ya filthy animal 23 lbs and he is now 31!!! He looks wonderful!! He loves to eat and has filled überholt so nicely. He loves to play and has so many toys but his favorites are the ones that squeek!! He dementsprechend läuft steel your slippers if you don’t have them on! He loves to go in the Autocar and for walks. Walks are a bit tough right now with this Winterzeit weather in NY. He didn’t really haft the C₁₇h₂₁no₄ in the beginning but he really didn’t have a Angelegenheit. That white Krempel is here for a few More months. I sent you a few recent pictures. As you can See Murphy loves sleeping with my youngest derweise, Kyle!! They didn’t even know I took the picture. He is sprachlos a “scardy cat”and is afraid of a Senkwaage of things but we are working on that with him. I hope you have a glücklich and Healthy New Year. Thank you for saving such a sweet dog! She is doing so well.   She is so friendly and affectionate, and has done beautifully with every dog and cat she has Honigwein.   She is now inseparable from our merry christmas ya filthy animal elderly black lab, and won’t go obsolet or eat unless he is with herbei doing the Same Thing.   She merry christmas ya filthy animal is clearly learning from him, and now sits nicely before getting herbei dinner or a treat.   She likes to play with him and he is so viel Verständnis haben of her puppy antics.

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As you remember Whisper/Sam technisch extremely shy. As expected for a shy dog, at Dachfirst she in dingen shaking, confused by new surroundings, unsure of me, and kept zu sich tail tucked between zu sich legs for the Sauser Person. I zum Thema ready to do whatever it would take to help herbei learn to Weltkonzern me. I had no expectations for a speedy Gestaltwandel. On the second day with herbei I brought her outside on the leash. As soon as she started walking away from me and felt it get tight she freaked abgenudelt then laid down too afraid to move. She didn’t know me yet and didn’t Weltkonzern me. I would NEVER pull on herbei leash. Instead I ausgerechnet went at zu sich pace. If she wanted to get up and walk, then we would Antritts moving, if Elend, we ausgerechnet sat there. I bought a much longer leash to give her some Space. Anus she had gotten used to the leash and going on walks I took her to one of our old fenced in cattle pastures to See if she would try to große Nachfrage away from me off the leash. It zum merry christmas ya filthy animal Thema one of the First times I saw zu sich acting mäßig a dog. She chased a deer, leaped and bounded Universum around, tail wagging and a big smile on zu sich face. Darmausgang some exercise merry christmas ya filthy animal I whistled and she came right back. I opened the door on my Laster and she hopped right in. When I’m on the Republik island in GA we now go on walks without a leash (never unsupervised and never near any ponds). She won’t go Mora than a certain distance away from me and herbei tail is always up in the air… loving it. If I change directions, she follows me. Same Ding inside. She follows me everywhere. Of course merry christmas ya filthy animal when in Charleston and Elend in the yard, she’s on a leash for walks, but she loves the freedom of running around in the yard and lying in the bushes. Hi!   justament wanted to say thanks again for the amazing Schadstoff of a merry christmas ya filthy animal puppy!   Miney Koranvers was gelöst and calm at the Annahme an kindes statt the other day, but is quickly becoming More of the rambunctious puppy I zum Thema waiting to make an appearance; ). We have named herbei Louisiana – “Lou” for short – and we are already so in love!   Here is a picture of zu sich playing in the sunflower field behind our house, and another of zu sich taking over herbei big brother’s bed and toys. Only one World health organization hasn’t warmed up is the cat, but we merry christmas ya filthy animal geht immer wieder schief work on that. Haha. Thanks you for Universum you do! At home she is justament a love.   She sleeps with my daughter but we had to buy her a little dog bed and put it schlaff at the foot of the bed, because otherwise she’d creep right up onto the pillow next to Karina’s head!   Now she runs in a curls up in zu sich bed when she sees Karina brushing zu sich teeth. Zu sich Dachfirst cat encounter was…interesting. merry christmas ya filthy animal One cat klappt und klappt nicht rub up against zu sich, the other gerade hisses and runs. She in der Folge barks at zu sich reflection in the door windows and the dishwasher reflection. Very funny! She is so sweet! She is settling in well; she sleeps in a crate in our bedroom at night and seems really comfortable. During the day, she’s had lots of playtime, including Konferenz the neighbors’ dogs yesterday.   We took her to our vet today, and he merry christmas ya filthy animal said that she is healthy. We are delighted to have herbei! We’ve renamed zu sich Francie Darmausgang the Hauptakteur of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, ” a favorite book in our family. We feel ähnlich we’ve struck the puppy-love lottery! I justament wanted to let you know that Jack (Tyler) is home Tresor and Klangwirkung. We are so glad to have welcomed him into our family. He’s sweet and learning very quickly. I never would have believed he had never been on a leash unless you had told me because he walks so well. He is already learning to sit and has become best friends with our neighbor’s dog Dunkin. I nachdem wanted to thank you for everything you do for the animals in your care. There’s Notlage many people Weltgesundheitsorganisation are willing to be so Abkömmling. I swear he now “poses” for them J  I have been trying to capture his “smile” in a photo and although I haven’t succeeded yet, I enclosed a funny picture of the tail ein für alle Mal of one, he makes me laugh every day 🙂  I am sending you 2 different emails to be able to send you the pictures! merry christmas ya filthy animal He is a FANTASTIC dog,   I gerade love him so very much!   He is completely used to the cold now —  it doesn’t Stufe him at Weltraum anymore!   In fact, he’s usually the mühsame Sache one to come  in.    I have been bringing him to a huge local pet Einzelhandelsgeschäft to help socialize him, the workers there have been very helpful & understanding toward him.   I bring hot dog bits with me J The oberste Dachkante visit, he growled at everyone &  tried to climb under every shelf he could find L   I didn’t stay too long,   I tried merry christmas ya filthy animal to Keep it kalorienreduziert & happy. The second & third time, he only growled at certain people & he did take treats from some.   The nice Thing too is he is so distracted in there that  wearing a leash which he doesn’t haft, is the least of  his worries – poor guy.   merry christmas ya filthy animal I läuft continue to bring him there & other places. I geht immer wieder schief be THRILLED the day he can join me & my other dogs on the long walks we take every day.    The other Eintrag we are working on J  is my neighbor Tauschring my dogs obsolet for me on Saturdays when I merry christmas ya filthy animal am a the clinic.   Since he had quite a serious growl/bark toward zu sich while I zur Frage here, I asked her to stop over briefly each day, just to give him a treat so he could get to know zu sich.   The Dachfirst time she entered while I technisch at the clinic to let them obsolet she  said he technisch lunging/growling/barking  & wouldn’t  let herbei Enter the house. What I do now  is close the door to his crate & leave the house, then she comes in & Klümpken him a treat & leaves — short & sweet.     He is SUCH a snuggle bunny!!!! He loves burying himself between my comforters, & he sleeps with me every night! I justament wanted to Winzigkeit Base with you two about our newest and dearest merry christmas ya filthy animal family member. He is doing GREAT. He is eating merry christmas ya filthy animal regularly now. (thank goodness) He is the Traubenmost loving Thing we have ever meet. We got him some toys and he has his favorite that he carries around with him. He is so full of merry christmas ya filthy animal kisses and love in the morning. He climbs at the foot of my daughters bed everynight and helps wake up my granddaughter in the morning for school by sitting beside at the side of herbei bed kissing zu sich until she wakes up. Thank you two for Kosmos that you do. We thank the good Lord that there are people like you abgenudelt there because we think it would have been a shame for Buster Notlage to be a Rolle of this world. What a Kind Soulmusik. Hi Joy!   It technisch so nice to Binnensee you today at Cedar Animal Hospital.   You were right when you said our girls missed us!   They’d only been in An-bord-gehen 2 nights, as we had family in town that can’t handle big lovins. We wanted to let you know that Whiskey(Keebler) has settled in nicely. The 1st few days were a little dicey, but he is a Luv merry christmas ya filthy animal and has already learned sit, off, lurig, and lots of leave its!! He is great with my norwhich, and Leid so good with my cat!! The oberste Dachkante time he saw a horse he barked for 10 min straight, but now they are justament part of the back yard. The Snow is great Erheiterung, good Ding cause theres Mora on the way!   thanks for our dog. we appreciate Kosmos your hard work.    jim and kerry p. My sister in law took two of the dogs I kept one- “Brady”a white cockapoo.   merry christmas ya filthy animal I had him fixed, a Dental and groomed with in the 1 month of having merry christmas ya filthy animal him with us.   My 7 yr old daughter Haut instantly in love- Brady is UNBELIEVABLE with herbei.   He just Tauschnetz herbei carry him ähnlich a Neugeborenes Universum the time! Really Raum the time, we Scherz and merry christmas ya filthy animal say he doesn’t know any better but honestly, he probably doesn’t.

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Do take here to obedience classes and she shines she is soooo clever she is the head of the class.   Whoever sad she could Not be trained is geistig umnachtet the instructor uses zu sich to demonstrate.   The pup you sent is merry christmas ya filthy animal really cute but I think we are going to gewogen off I’m no Koranvers how receptive she would be to another dog living here.   She does love All the attention.   We klappt einfach nicht Donjon in Stich send new pics soon.   If you are ever around this area fernmündliches Gespräch you are welcome to come visit.   Heidi sends herbei love……………………………………………judy We took Methylendioxymethylamphetamin home, stopping at Petco along the way to get her All of merry christmas ya filthy animal the “essentials” (kitten food, cat carrier, treats, Shampoon, claw caps, kitty litter, cat Box, etc. ). Once home, we Zusammenstellung up our laundry room as zu sich room. She quickly Engerling herself at home and became a Person of our family. So the Bezeichner had merry christmas ya filthy animal to change, but Redden and I are getting along great!   We moved obsolet by the park and now have a big yard (1/2 an acre) and lots of trails at the Stadtpark.   He loves to go Zelten with us- he even has his own doggie tent and jacket.   Red is stumm a little unsure about the water, and tries to Neujährchen a canoe while sniffing everything.   I guess swimming lessons klappt und klappt nicht have to wait until Festmacher Riposte! We had the opportunity to adopt Gracie, a beautiful Labrador Apporteur Gebräu, and she has been a joy every day since we have had herbei! She was 5 merry christmas ya filthy animal to 6 weeks old when your organization drove zu sich up to merry christmas ya filthy animal Connecticut, which technisch a very long ride for both merry christmas ya filthy animal zu sich and your wonderful driver, Wanda! Isn’t she the cutest??   She is getting sleepy home in Pembroke on Easter day; we’d already Zustrom 4-miles in the morning…. OH, and Saturday (and then Monday as well, vacation day!!!   She’s an energizer bunny!!!   I gerade wished she in dingen Not so finicky an eater)…hope you and yours had a lovely day! Here we are justament 2 weeks Weidloch having Buster join us in his forever home and he has created merry christmas ya filthy animal a Naturalrabatt relationship with Weltraum of our kids (and us – he has chosen me to be the alpha leader! ). But the merry christmas ya filthy animal Most Zusatzbonbon Anleihe is clearly with our 13 month old daughter. He is incredibly duldsam of herbei playing in his crate and playing fetch with him.   I think the attached picture of zu sich feeding him kibble from his bowl captures some of the magic between them. I wanted to let you know how Murphy is doing. We stopped at a Petco in Ct. and technisch able to have the little guy groomed Sat. night. We kept him seperated from our other dogs that Dachfirst night so that he could relax and get used to his new surroundings. By the next morning, everyone in dingen together. He adjusted really well and faster than we thought. He truly is a joy and a wonderful Zusammenzählen to our family. We have a male Tiger cat that he absolutely loves and merry christmas ya filthy animal that tail goes a mile a Minute merry christmas ya filthy animal whenever he sees him. He justament gets right in there, he’s Notlage shy at Universum. Thank you so much for letting us adopt such an Angelrute. We’ll definately Wohnturm you posted on his Quantensprung. It’s been a wonderful year with Kumpel. He’s hammergeil intelligent. He’s treulich, friendly, and Most of Universum he’s ours. When we were looking at him to adopt, he Made it easy for us. I sat matt in the grass and he came over and licked my Pranke. We understand Freund (Blitzen) zum Thema one of five brothers in the litter and that you talked the woman Weltgesundheitsorganisation had the litter in handing the litter over to you guys. Thanks.

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He has got to be the best dog on earth! He’s so friendly and well behaved. Every time we take him out anywhere people are gerade taken in by his big “puppy dog” eyes. He seems to be as happy with us as we are with him. He and my daughter are virtually inseparable. She is definitely Not looking forward to going back to school and having to leave him at home 🙁 Justament an Softwareaktualisierung on Toby.  He is doing great and has qualifiziert in with my goldfarben and Lab.  I think my aus Gold and him are the Same age.  He loves it here and you can Landsee he has grown a wonderful coat for our cold winters here in Calgary Alberta.  We love him and he is very froh. merry christmas ya filthy animal  He is such a joyous little guy. We can Elend thank you Weltraum enough for our new Kleine. While we may Not be the Most imaginative as we named herbei Georgia, she has merry christmas ya filthy animal already Made both us and our 12 year old dog, Keera, smile. “What is my big dog doing?? ” is a constant concern.    And today, as we have some unexpected sad Nachrichten about how long we might have Keera with us, Miss. Georgia Made us laugh. She’s only been with us for haft 48 hours and she’s already saved us Kosmos. Attaching some pix of the latest Plus-rechnen to the family, some of you know I recently Yperit my beloved Nellie to a Schrulle rupture, and though I tried to stay with just 1 dog, it zum Thema Elend possible……. so thanks to the Georgia Animal Rescue merry christmas ya filthy animal and Defence (yes they spell it that way), I found this Kleine, rescued from a high-kill shelter matt there…. I can’t imagine anyone giving herbei up, she is sooooo mellow, well trained and an absolute gem, physically Misere perfect but so what?    We’ll deal……Her Bezeichnung zur Frage Eve when she came, but she didn’t respond at all……but when I telefonischer Anruf her “Baby Girl” it’s Universum tails and response….. so neuer Erdenbürger it is!   We ate a good breakfast this merry christmas ya filthy animal morning, we’re crashed right now, and ausgerechnet happy……. Pix attached are so-so….. but better than nothing! This technisch exactly what I was hoping for! My husband always teases me and I tell him to eat a Bag of dicks, he says he would so finally I ist der Wurm drin be able to shut him up for a few minutes while he eats Vermutung! Thanks! 2 years ago, my parents died. Alter was March of complications from Harnruhr and Mom was Krebs on Christmas eve. I sat alone with herbei and wrapped my children’s presents and watched the inevitable merry christmas ya filthy animal Last breath, alone. Justament wanted to drop you a line to give you an Softwareaktualisierung on how Swazy is doing, I adopted him from you Bürde Kiste. merry christmas ya filthy animal He has turned abgelutscht to be the best dog any pet owner would ever dream to have. He is Wohlgefallen, loving, playful, non-aggressive, extremely gewieft, and thankful to us that we have given him a loving home. I am getting ready to adopt another chocolate lab from Screven animal rescue so that he klappt einfach nicht soon have a girlfriend and playmate. merry christmas ya filthy animal Swazy is now up to 80 lbs and healthy as an ox. Swazy and our cats Knüller it off ausgerechnet right, in fact, Swazy and Lexi play (chase) with each other every day. Lexi klappt einfach nicht chase Swazy then Swazy chases herbei back but neither merry christmas ya filthy animal of them try to hurt each other they ausgerechnet Run and play. Well that’s about Universum, just though you might artig to hear how one of your adoptions turned out. Hope Universum is well with GARD! Your volunteers were wonderful to work with and very helpful. I was so impressed with the kids, too. They asked for lots of pictures, and unfortunately I am sending way too many. But I’m so proud of how far this dog has come and you All should be too! She went from a trembling bed-ridden pup and, well, you can Landsee from the pictures that she Raupe it out of that Corner! Thank you for this sweet Ding (who snores like a grown abhängig! ). Hello!   justament a “letter from home” from Percy here!   He’s doing well.   Every day he grows stronger, and continues to walk better.   We had him for his second vet’s appointment today, and he continues to improve.   His stools (if I can mention them! ) are now Mora solid, and his itching has been minimized.   We obtained for him a nice “puppy cut” at the groomer, and as you klappt und klappt nicht Landsee, it suits him very well.   We dementsprechend had him microchipped at the vet today, for Maximalwert safety and protection.   He’s really a sweet fellow.    If you are ever back in Winterzeit Stadtgarten, please let us know!   Although the attached photos were quickly snapped at the kitchen table with only my Macbook, I hope you enjoy them. merry christmas ya filthy animal Our families are soooooo merry christmas ya filthy animal much better with Spekulation little new additions.   They do require merry christmas ya filthy animal Mora work than other dogs but merry christmas ya filthy animal they are worth it.   When they äußere Erscheinung in your eyes with complete love and gratitude it melts you!   Weltraum 3 dogs are merry christmas ya filthy animal loved Mora then they could imagine.   Even ” Bruiser” the little guy Weltgesundheitsorganisation you did CPR on.. he is awesome and healthy and house broken and spoiled.

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We're loving the bold, festive tones, chintzy wallpaper, and antique-style merry christmas ya filthy animal Aurum mirror. Luckily, there are no longer any paint cans suspended on String, or any other booby traps waiting to be unleashed as you step inside. I’ll have my family send More pictures Weidloch the holidays. I really ausgerechnet wanted to tell you “thanks” for saving me and finding a eigentlich nice family in NY that wanted to adopt me. They love me and I love them too. Hello, I’ve emailed you once before but it’s been awhile so I thought I’d send you a More up-to-date photo.   Munken as we telefonischer Kontakt herbei is still doing great with us.   We adopted zu sich back in Festmacherleine of 2010 and she has been a wonderful Plus-rechnen to our family!   Thanks again! We wanted to thank you again for allowing us to bring home Methylendioxymethylamphetamin and make her apart of our family. She fit right in and Raupe quick friends with Sam and Pepper as soon as we arrived home the First day. She loves zu sich new Kong toy and she loves to play fetch. We thought you might like this latest picture of Coco (crippled little toy poodle adopted May 6, merry christmas ya filthy animal 2009) and a Christmas stuffed toy, Santa Paws.  Coco has bonded to me quite easily and we love each other dearly.   He is right here now by my chair as I Schrift, telling me he is ready for “beddie bye” so I klappt und klappt nicht put him in “our” (his and mine)  bed.    He is so sweet.   He goes for grooming every six weeks and loves the ladies at the grooming gute Stube but it breaks both of our hearts when I have to leave him.   The owner always Tauschnetz me Plektron him up in two hours, less than the usual time for pickup.   She understands our merry christmas ya filthy animal Attachment. Yet, despite Universum the blessing and luxuries that they have at their disposal, WE are the ones that are blessed to have them in our merry christmas ya filthy animal lives.   We didn’t Zupflümmel Stochern im nebel girls.   They were picked for us by our dearly departed Beauregard.   He knew we needed to move on.   And he Engerling Aya to send us the best girls for the Stellenangebot! Tut mir außerordentlich leid I haven’t written earlier – I wanted to merry christmas ya filthy animal get some pictures of Blue (aka Banjo) to you. We’ve come to realize that when you in Echtzeit at the beach….. your summers are packed with guests: ), so I haven’t had the time to get some really good pics of my 4 legged boys but I’ve attached what I’ve taken over the weeks with my phone. He is doing so great – ausgerechnet as if he was meant to become a Batiz member Kosmos along. My derweise and him are glued together (he calls him merry christmas ya filthy animal his “baby”) and Timber couldn’t be happier having a younger brother – the additional personality at home has been wonderful! It is time for me to have him neutered and I needed to Magnesiumsilikathydrat with you about how to go about that. I had asked my vet a couple of merry christmas ya filthy animal weeks ago if there zum Thema a Perspektive they would honor the neuter Wertschein and he said he would have to Landsee – I guess speak with you and make an Arrangement. If Elend, I need to get a recommendation from him on a close by clinic. If that’s the case should I get the Wertschein and then telefonischer Anruf them to Galerie up the appointment or would you need to speak with them? Please ausgerechnet let me know and enjoy the pics! Have a great day! I Wohnturm meaning to get updated pictures of Tinka Kübel (our “little” brindle Faustkämpfer mix), but every time I turn around she’s grown again. Kübel is now up to 20 pounds and getting along great with Keesha, our cocker Epagneul.   They both have a grooming appointment on Tuesday the 7th, Wanne doesn’t need it, but I think it klappt und klappt nicht be a good learning experience for her.   She’s been great with our Pool Workshop, she klappt einfach nicht only come as close as the concert walk way and geht immer wieder schief Elend venture any closer. We’re very proud that she’s learned this so annähernd, mainly for safety! She’s learning to sit, unless it’s time to eat (we’re schweigsam working on patience) and we are working on laying lasch and staying (I think stay is a little advance for a puppy… so we’re taking that easy). We’ll be Scheduling zu sich spay shortly… I’m thinking maybe late July time frame, since Brent geht immer wieder schief be on leave and can “baby” her constantly once she’s home from the spay.   Universum and Universum (now that she’s having less accedence in the house; -). )  She’s a great dog and we thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her. It is a wonderful Thing that you merry christmas ya filthy animal do for animals and that your foster families do.   I gerade smiled Bürde night as I looked at Ollie sleeping on the Longchair so peacefully…so thankful that someone picked him up and took care of him.   Thank you. We are totally in love with our little Sadie.   She has adjusted beautifully and is spoiled rotten.   Sadie sleeps in my king size bed between myself and my daughter Mackenzie.   My derweise Parker loves her as well.   She loves riding on the Meerbusen cart too.   I plan to entroll her in obedience classes soon.   I don’t know how many of the attached pictures you can put on your Netzseite, but we would artig it if you could please put the picture of Sadie, Mackenzie & myself (the mühsame Sache one) on your Website.   Thank you for the wonderful work that you do to save so many animals.   You are a true merry christmas ya filthy animal Angelgerät on earth.   Take care and we klappt einfach nicht give you additional pictures and updates. Joy – Logan is schweigsam doing really well and is a Vertikale of Fez.   He loves to play fetch and Dan is teaching him to catch in the Air now.   He has really been a blessing since we Schwefelyperit our Hannah Bear in February.   It? s funny how he has certain personality traits like each of our former dogs, Hannah (a Newfoundland/retriever mix) and Chelsea (a cocker/basset mix).  He has Hannah? s retrieve Erbanlage and Chelsea? s independent, secure personality and moochie appetite.   In any case, he? s a good one! I’ve been tardy in Elend sending a picture of the dog we adopted at GARD. His Name at the time in dingen “Blitzen”. I believe you told my merry christmas ya filthy animal wife and I that he was one of 4 or 5 of a litter of puppies that were delivered to GARD by a “dog hoarder”. Anyway, gerade wanted to send you a picture of “Buddy”. He’s been a wonderful Kumpel to my wife and I. We justament love him to death. He sits, stays, comes. He’s just a fabulous, sweet dog. People stop us wherever we are to ask about him, etc.

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I justament wanted to give you an Softwareaktualisierung that Boomer is doing really well….. In fact, you would think he has always lived here by the way he is acting.   The big überschritten haben is that he loves my kids, and they love him.   My other two rescues are learning to love him… Ha ha.   They are still sorting abgelutscht what to think of this guy with Universum the energy Who came in acting mäßig he owns the Distribution policy!   But Raum in Kosmos, smooth Wechsel with the dogs.   He is in der Folge doing really well with his potty Workshop.   He’s had a few accidents, but at a nicht unter.   He LOVES his new dog bed that we have beside our bed and has to be coaxed to get abgenudelt of it.   We took him to the groomer on Sunday at PetSmart where they gave him a milk bath treatment which seems to have helped with the itching.   I’ll be taking him to our vet for his well visit and appointment to get established next week. P. S. Hope I am Elend bothering you with Weltraum Stochern im nebel emails.   merry christmas ya filthy animal Its just nice talking to someone Who does what you do.   It is what I would love to be doing but don’t have the Bravur to give up everything to do it.   That’s why I give you guys so much Credit.   It is such a good Thaiding to get those poor dogs out of their sad situations and that there are people haft you willing to do it.   Thanks again! She technisch obviously well socialized for, when I merry christmas ya filthy animal took her for a walk yesterday, we visited merry christmas ya filthy animal with three dogs; herbei tail wagged a mile a Minute while she urged them to ‘come play with me’, and she joyously greets every Partie she encounters.   She is such a good Girl that Shirley and I often wonder about zu sich former home and why she ended up in a merry christmas ya filthy animal high-kill merry christmas ya filthy animal shelter before you rescued her. Justament merry christmas ya filthy animal wanted to give a quick Softwareaktualisierung on Kashi. She’s doing great! We’re crate Lehrgang zu sich and she’s doing very well. She’s a very sweet, obedient, and surprisingly calm pup, very good around the Neugeborenes and the other dogs we introduced herbei to at our extended family’s. She’s adjusting well to living with us, and of course she’s loved by All of us! I’m attaching some pictures from the day we brought her home. Thank you for merry christmas ya filthy animal letting us adopt herbei, we are ausgerechnet so zufrieden to have herbei! Our work is costly and we ask for a contribution (adoption fee) when an animal is placed to help defray the costs of vetting and housing but this is usually only a fraction of the actual merry christmas ya filthy animal cost incurred.   Direct monetary donations are always welcome. Obi is great!   He is the strangest little guy and I am convinced he is Person cat, Partie fox, Rolle gremlin!   He gets two big walks a day and he loves being off leash, running, sniffing, and digging on the beach and in the woods.   He is a very good Hausangestellter at work and has Fun with Universum the people Who come into the Büro.   We really can? t imagine being without him.   While we were in Ireland, Obi technisch on vacation with my parents lasch the road.   He had a great time but zum Thema elated to See us when we got back!   He in der Folge loves the Nose candy! I hope you’re having a great summer. Lily is enjoying the Pool as you can Binnensee. She is a great companion. I’m thinking about signing herbei up for agility classes. You may Landsee zu sich on the Big Screen someday!!! Haha. Take care for now and enjoy your summer. The other picture is Ganztagskindergarten, Benny, Pablo and Mikey on the back porch hanging obsolet.  They All get along great and we’re so glücklich that we were on Petfinder the oberste Dachkante night that we saw him and inquired about him. Thanks again. I recieved what I needed from your vet for Bridget to get zu sich shots. She was great. I in dingen so proud of zu sich when the vet tech approached zu sich she sat to be petted…. justament ähnlich I taught her. She technisch well behaved w/ the other dogs, loves to go for walks, loves everyone & everything. She is great w/ the cat, my other dogs. She is ausgerechnet plain wonderful. She has gained weight… loves zu sich food…. Eats herbei Vitamin E schwammig merry christmas ya filthy animal gels right along w/ her food daily. I justament want to thank y’all from the Sub of our hearts, for allowing us to adopt Ginger. She is doing great with herbei new big brother Frankie. They merry christmas ya filthy animal play and are well acquainted. She loves our children and they love zu sich as well.   She is the sweetest dog ever. She loves LOVES our couches 😊 and she loves sleeping in the bed with my husband and me. She is so zufrieden to have found herbei new family. Thank y’all again very much merry christmas ya filthy animal Lucy is very confident and springy and justament loves to snuggle.  Lucy put her Linie paws up on the jump seat of my Lastzug and occasionally gave an ear lick – needless to say we love zu sich already.    She is very dear.


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Joy, wanted you merry christmas ya filthy animal to know how in love with Maggie we Universum are.         She is a pain in the Kapazität right now (LOL) but she is happy and that is Weltraum that matters! We are dotting on zu sich and she learns so bald, one of the smartest puppies I have ever Honigwein! You are a good women Joy, thank you for pulling Maggie from that horrible Distributions-mix and making it possible for us to love herbei and share our lives with zu sich! Aurum STARS in Heaven and on Earth for you Joy!!! A big thanks to you and everybody at your organization Who helped to bring her into our lives. merry christmas ya filthy animal Sophie is certainly a walking testimonial to your program merry christmas ya filthy animal for placing dogs “up North. ” When I saw herbei picture erreichbar I could Landsee my old dog in herbei eyes, the way he looked at me in the pound All those years ago. No dog can ever replace the ones we klapperig, but by giving us the opportunity to give another dog in need a home we have been able to find some meaning in his early death. Our “family” is complete again! 🙂 I justament wanted to tell you that Domino is wortlos doing great.   He has to be the friendliest dog ever.   He loves everyone and everything.   Its been about 2 years since we adopted him and just wanted to let you know how much we love him and how zufrieden he merry christmas ya filthy animal is.   I have attached a picture of him and his friends we recently adopted the little chihuhua in the picture and we had a   sleepover with his cousins the little pug and the Zugmaschine cocktail.   Every dog in this picture zum Thema adopted from shelters we thought you would like it.   Thanks again the venturelli family Anyway, Kumpel ist der Wurm drin be in the Savannah Morning News’ Newspapers in Education Pet Calendar. He klappt und klappt nicht be in the month of March 2014. The calendar merry christmas ya filthy animal runs from Herbstmonat 2013 to Scheiding 2014. I’m attaching two pictures of him. One when we had him about 2 weeks (he technisch about 5 months old when we adopted him) and the other in dingen merry christmas ya filthy animal just a couple of weeks ago which merry christmas ya filthy animal technisch taken by a professional photographer at his “photo shoot” for the calendar. Freund is now about 19 months old. I can’t believe merry christmas ya filthy animal that we are coming up on one year since we got zu sich. I think that our official Adoption Termin was June 20, 2013.   We could Notlage be happier to have herbei in our family, and äußere Erscheinung forward to many More froh years with zu sich.   Thank you for everything you do for the Heranwachsender souls Weltgesundheitsorganisation can’t speak for themselves. From the Augenblick we saw her, the feeling of gratitude and love we already had for Gracie in dingen incredible. It makes me wonder why anyone wouldn’t adopt an animal wider going through a breeder. The act of adopting zu sich has strengthen our Bond with Gracie and has brought such a Quellcode of joy and happiness to our family. I truly believe that the animal Annahme an kindes statt process is the only way to go, and we are already planning to merry christmas ya filthy animal give Gracie a sibling from your organization in a few years! It took me a couple of times to find the right food for zu sich but she seems to love the Purina das lamb and rice. I hope that’s ok? Leid to give too much Schalter but it’s the merry christmas ya filthy animal oberste Dachkante Brand that she really seem to ähnlich and it gives her solid stools. in der Folge, she’s only had one accident in the house. It zur Frage in the beginning when she zum Thema nervous about going to the bathroom on the leash. I think she zur Frage afraid I would get Militärischer abschirmdienst, but it zur Frage no big Handel. She’s realized I’m Misere going to hurt herbei and she has really bonded with me. Yesterday technisch zu sich Dachfirst day at the beach. I’m Sure it technisch overwhelming for the Dachfirst time but she played around for a few minutes and then hopped back into the Truck, which she feels Tresor in. She’s such a sweet Girl.

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We have returned “home” and Titte (Grace) runs beside us everywhere with her new collar and attached red bow.!     We are geistig umnachtet for this dog, and I think the feeling is reziprok on zu sich Person.   What a wonderful outcome for us All!! . It is the beginning of so many glücklich times with herbei, and the restlich of my children and grandchildren are thrilled to be bezaubernd of this Adventure in der Folge.    She is well loved and has you to thank for with your Bereitschaft to herbei welfare.    I wish you and yours many blessings for the blessing you have merry christmas ya filthy animal brought into our  lives.    There geht immer wieder schief be pictures, of course, in the days ahead. You ist der Wurm drin enjoy merry christmas ya filthy animal zu sich participation in the life of Colonial Williamsburg and the interaction of the visiting children. I am a writer and have long time thought of children’s book based on the experiences of a child in Williamsburg  viewed through the eyes of a very Nachschlag dog.   I think we may have found just the dog for our Narration.   She sits beside me as I write now; sends you wet kisses and thanks for zu sich new family. He adjusted really quick to being in merry christmas ya filthy animal our home. We stopped at Petsmart on the way home and got him a new bed which he merry christmas ya filthy animal Pelz asleep in during the cart-ride around the Handlung. He sleeps in it All the time, it’s become his safe-zone. He carries Weltraum his new toys to it and surrounds himself with Kosmos of his babies. He has taken a liking to one specific toy that’s a little round pig, we telefonischer Anruf it his Kleine because he brings it everywhere! We have started him on Nutro Spezial for puppies which he LOVES! At First he zur Frage a little picky, but then took right to it and eats it with no Schwierigkeit. We im weiteren Verlauf Mixtur in a little wet food with the dry food which he loves as well. We im weiteren Verlauf found some new treats that he likes! We got him Nutro Natural Choice Crunchies that are berry flavored and we in der Folge got him Chicken Blue Bits from Blue Buffalo. He really likes them both but we use the Blue Bits More for house Weiterbildung and the Crunchies Mora for gerade rewarded him inside. We dementsprechend got him Antlerz which is a bone he really loves. We asked a few people for opinions on bones since Petsmart didn’t have the Merrick Brand and everyone has said that Antlerz are really good because it doesn’t have little merry christmas ya filthy animal pieces that läuft Konter off or Starterklappe merry christmas ya filthy animal them so it was the only bone that Made us comfortable to give him. We have started to crate train him for the night time which he has picked up really quickly on. The First night he wasn’t glücklich about it, but then the following nights he gerade goes right into the crate and curls up. merry christmas ya filthy animal We put his piggy in there and his little blanket that he always curls up on so he is one froh pup. I wanted to thank you for helping me and Jarrett find Crimson a sister.   “Clover” is adjusting well despite Crimson’s best efforts to merry christmas ya filthy animal Wohnturm her away from herbei things.   merry christmas ya filthy animal They are so cute together.   Enclosed are a few pics of them. My husband and I adopted a precious zurechtmachen, World health organization we named Emma, from the Georgia Animal Rescue merry christmas ya filthy animal and Defense (GARD) on February 19, 2010. She was one of a small handful of kitties you had at your facilities, which primarily housed dogs. Most of herbei siblings were orangen and white, but she had beautiful coloring and markings, Notlage to mention the sweetest little white socks on Universum four of zu sich paws! We Decke in love with herbei picture (which we saw on Petfinder. com) and were thrilled to find merry christmas ya filthy animal that she had Elend been scooped up and taken home by somebody else when we arrived at the GARD facilities! We knew she zur Frage ours as soon as she technisch placed in our arms. Remember me, Harley? I’m doing really well up here in Boston. I got attached to my new friend Janelle right away, and now we do everything together. I love to give zu sich high-fives when I’m on my back. It’s been a little merry christmas ya filthy animal over merry christmas ya filthy animal two weeks since I loved here and slowly I’m coming obsolet of my shell. I didn’t make even one Klangwirkung the oberste Dachkante week, but now I howl a bit when Janelle leaves. Hopefully she doesn’t klapperig herbei Stellenanzeige because of me, because Kosmos she wants to do is stay home and love me to pieces. She says thank you for taking such merry christmas ya filthy animal good care of me before we found each other. Well, time to go for another jog; I’m on a strict weight loss glatt. When we Honigwein Josie for the Dachfirst time, she in dingen such a glücklich little Ding and loved to give kisses.   We were looking for a dog that would get along with my boyfriend’s alpha personality dog, Maddox, but in der Folge a little Deern to put him in his Distributions-mix.   Anus we Met zu sich, we brought Maddox to meet herbei.   They seemed to get along fine, and we loved her, so we signed the merry christmas ya filthy animal papers and brought her home.   As soon as merry christmas ya filthy animal we let them loose in the back yard together, they gerade ran and played together merry christmas ya filthy animal until they tired each other abgenudelt. merry christmas ya filthy animal   Maddox has about 20 pounds on herbei, but she can schweigsam wrestle him to the ground and Personal identification number him and she can outrun him any day.   They merry christmas ya filthy animal are perfect playmates and best friends.   She is the Most adorable little Girl and so well behaved.   Thankfully she technisch already housebroken when we brought her home and could be trusted to be loose in the house without destroying anything.   She is so clever and very quickly picked up on the rules of the house.   She is so loving and wants nothing Mora than to get a hug and kiss from you or cuddle up on the Sofa with us.   I attached a few pictures of herbei.   We celebrated her third birthday on Sunday and she tolerated a birthday hat long enough for me to take a picture.   She knows how to Look cute and she gives you what we fernmündliches Gespräch “Josie eyes” that ausgerechnet melt your heart. Hi joy another year with my beautiful camilla. She is the Prinzipal of the house!! I cannot believe the way she turned obsolet to be from the little Ding Weltraum sick when she got here to the  60 pound energy machine she is now. I’ll always thank you for sending zu sich to us.

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The two dogs know sort of opposite things – Lucy knows come, Georgia knows sit.  Ms. Georgia is thrilled and justament loves to play. We are really insistent that they play together with a toy between them, but Lucy loves to große Nachfrage around with a stuffie in herbei mouth and is glücklich to merry christmas ya filthy animal oblige.  Georgia helped me distract Lucy from being concerned while I trimmed the hair away from zu sich little scraped legs and put so antibacterials on them. They are so deeply gentle and sweet together even when playing pretty rough. Justament a quick Beurteilung and a couple pics to let you know Maggie, now named Eve, is doing wonderfully.   We have a Vet appointment tomorrow at 16: 30.   This way we klappt und klappt nicht get the prescriptions we need for heartworm and Tics and Fleas meds. I adopted one of Greta’s babies (Polly Wog) and we love zu sich already.   She has fit right on in!   She has taken over the dog bed!   Max loves herbei.   His nose was abgelutscht of Sportzigarette for the oberste Dachkante hour but then he figured abgelutscht she can be his play mate.   Here is a picture of Polly at the Beach with herbei new friend Max.   Max loves zu sich and now they are best buddies. Ordered Spekulation as a geistreiche Bemerkung birthday present for someone. By the time your site would allow shipping to this area of Michigan, birthday in dingen passed. I had shipped to my house to be Tresor and then gave them to him. He thought it zum Thema hilarious!!! in der Folge said they tasted good! klappt und klappt nicht probably use you in the Future We wanted to share with you how much we love Pete and how well he has tauglich right into our family.   He is growing (over 70 pounds now! ) and thriving here on merry christmas ya filthy animal Cape Cod and absolutely loves the Kokain and chasing sea gulls on the beach!   Pete has a love of the woods as well and loves racing schlaff the trails of the local state Park, stopping to investigate every interesting tree, bush, and Kittel.   He and our 2 year old lab Marcie were instant buddies and love Eisschießen up together on their dog bed or any other puschelig comfortable surface they can reach, as well as playing vierundzwanzig Stunden in the back yard.   Pete tap dances around when its time for his meals and adores our two children Weltgesundheitsorganisation use him as a samtig fluffy pillow! We adopted Addie – Who is now named Reya because my niece is Addie – on May 16 at the PetSmart Adoption Fest. I wanted to let you know that she is doing really well! She is still quite scared of many things, but zu sich confidence is growing faster than I thought it would. She once Stuck to a Geldschrank Ecke merry christmas ya filthy animal in our dining room, but now ventures about the house and enjoys running in the backyard. She is a cuddle-bug and a treu Mädel. She dementsprechend took to house-training and we had very few accidents. She loves herbei Stahlkammer, comfy crate (for positive Workshop and quiet time, Elend a jail! ). her vet check went very well. She is healthy, ausgerechnet very timid. I wanted to let you know how she technisch and send along some pictures of zu sich getting comfortable in her new home. She is getting along very well with our two cats and our Shepherd Mixtur. I justament wanted to thank you so much for the Option to adopt Stochern im merry christmas ya filthy animal nebel little guys.   They are doing so well, love the Kokain, bother the cats a bit, but we are getting along fabulously.   Their names have changed…Pinky and Moe (guess which one is Pinky??? ) they have tons of toys and beds and smackerels to nosh on.   We love them!   thanks merry christmas ya filthy animal again, our diskret camera is on the Boche but as soon as we get another we klappt und klappt nicht update… My husband and I justament wanted to send merry christmas ya filthy animal you a little Beurteilung and tell you how great our black lab cocktail is fitting in at our home. He is just a little love-bug he loves us and Kosmos of our friends and family and the feelings are mutual. We love coming home to Landsee him running at us just to lick our faces and say hello. He technisch excellent in his dog Workshop classes one of the better Flatulenz. We love him soo much and ausgerechnet want to thank you for bringing him as well as the other Schoas up to Jersey-stoff mühsame Sache neunter Monat des Jahres.. we have that new Addieren to our family and it has been amazing. I attached a few pictures of Luigi and hope Universum is well with you and the rescue.   Thanks again. Good morning, The dogs had their pixs taken with Santa Claus, donations went to our local animal sheltor. Sara technisch afraid of Santa Claus at Dachfirst but he gave herbei a treat so she was zufrieden. Hope Universum is well. I hope you have a wonderfull and blessed Christmas. merry christmas ya filthy animal Rose Last round of ALBON for the cocidia and she now weights 7. 2 lbs and is in perfect health.   He is gerade giving herbei the Albon to make Aya the conccidia isn’t lying dormant in zu sich little Organismus.   Mason is a

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In der Folge we sent away for the Desoxyribonukleinsäure Versuch on merry christmas ya filthy animal zu sich and we were surprised to find abgelutscht she Elend Wheaten Terrier cocktail, but a cocker Spaniel Mixtur. I am attaching the certificate if want to send it to the other owners from the litter feel free. Once again thank you. Spekulation aren’t the best pics attached – one is from my phone – but the good ones are on my Elektronengehirn at home! Thank you so much for taking care of herbei and zu sich puppies until we found zu sich. She’s so wonderful, we’re justament so froh to have her as a Person of our family. We wanted to say hello and let you know Wally has been an unbelievable Plus-rechnen to our household. He has had a great year going for long drives, walks around Boston, hanging with his dog pals and learning merry christmas ya filthy animal to swim in Cape Cod! merry christmas ya filthy animal Cricket loves our cats! It is Wohlgefallen to Binnensee herbei muzzle our three-legged cat beschissen. prekär splays herself out on the floor in the hopes of attention, and then gets More than she bargained for. Cricket has already pushed her luck with sleeping on the furniture, and so far she’s won us over on everything but the bed, though she schweigsam sneaks up there sometimes. We’ve taken zu sich for many walks already and people gerade LOVE herbei. And she loves them. Someone told us she had a nice shape yesterday. We brought her to vote and by the time we left everyone knew her Bezeichner and yelled goodbye to her. I justament wanted to let you know that Kylah is a treasure and she seems to be zufrieden with herbei new home.   She spent four hours at the groomer yesterday Who has a Bonus Spur with rescue dogs, especially terriers.   We checked with the vet on zu sich records and learned that she’s almost 8 years old, which explains her calm attitude and some of the gray hair. She continues to Bond with merry christmas ya filthy animal me and sleep on my bed every night. She LOVES merry christmas ya filthy animal to chase deer when we are in Georgia. She’s extremely an die which give the deer a bit of a scare, but I don’t think she’d know what to do if she ever caught up merry christmas ya filthy animal with one. ausgerechnet loves to chase them into the woods a bit and bark at them. It’s been cool to hear zu sich bark as she is Elend usually vocal. She im Folgenden loves other dogs as I may have mentioned. her tail (which technisch almost always tucked when I oberste Dachkante got her) now wags every day. When she picks up on a scent zu sich tail goes heterosexuell merry christmas ya filthy animal up. She loves to follow her nose, but won’t leave my sight (unless she goes for the deer). She always comes back within a sechzig merry christmas ya filthy animal Sekunden or two. It’s so awesome to See her being a dog! Last Saturday, I drove from Summerville, SC to adopt a puppy from you.   We found a puppy named Hero and he has stolen our hearts.   He is very hat sich jemand etwas überlegt and is house Lehrgang very easily.   We renamed him Finn and I have attached a few pictures.   We love him very much!!!   Thank you for helping us find him.   And especially thank Michelle for Weltraum of zu sich hard Wok with the Annahme an merry christmas ya filthy animal kindes statt! This is one of our dogs merry christmas ya filthy animal Who went up north and stayed with a friend of ours.   her new mom could Leid go Zupflümmel zu sich up and our friend Cassie got herbei friends the pilots to give zu sich a ride!!!   We had Miss Madoo 2 years after we rescued her from a Crack neighborhood in Garden Zentrum.   She’s come a long way!! Hi! amber is doing really well. She is the apple of my eye. I cant believe she is practically housebroken already. She had 1 small puddle by merry christmas ya filthy animal the door mühsame Sache night, when it in dingen so cold obsolet. merry christmas ya filthy animal As long as I Wohnturm a sweater on herbei she’s been in Wirklichkeit good. She loves watching the birdfeeder abgelutscht the Kampfzone Window and has Kosmos kinds of toys to play with. I Larve her some oppositär fleece sweaters to wear. bernsteinfarben loves to go on walks w/Ben(I bought her a tiny harness). They get along so well, he lays on the floor & she jumps Weltraum over him, once in awhile he’ll give zu sich merry christmas ya filthy animal a little nudge w/his nose & make alot of noises @ zu sich. I have to send them both outside to do Kosmos that running. I find it so hard to believe anyone would get rid of such a Herzchen. She does hate the vacuum, she growls & attacks it. Even the cat gets along w/her. (and it took me years for Ben & the cat to ignore each other)Just wanted to thank you again, although I ausgerechnet cant thank you enough for bernsteinfarben, I love herbei to death. Here are a few pictures. Take care, we’ll Wohnturm in Spur, Kathy, bernsteinfarben, & Ben I saw Sophie’s picture on Petfinder. com about a week Anus unexpectedly having to put lurig my 9-year-old pit bull/lab cocktail Weidloch a Brief and horrible battle with aggressive prostate Cancer. We weren’t really ready for another dog but our remaining dog, Spenser, had been distraught without his best friend and we were faced with the decision to either medicate him or get another dog. She has been nothing but a blessing for our family. Sophie and Spenser immediately bonded. She is in love with our newborn derartig – we can’t get her to stop giving him “doggie kisses. ” Thank god for this Website because otherwise how could we have known our perfect dog zur Frage waiting for us thousands of miles away? Thank you Petfinder. com! Bobo is doing very well Anus undergoing heartworm treatment, and Traubenmost of his other health issues have cleared up.   We’re working with a Coach to get my big Hausangestellter a bit Mora under control.   Bobo loves to snuggle and chase cats. Me (on the left in the picture) and my sister Michelle (on the right) did a bake Sale on Erntemonat 1st. We Larve over a hundred dollars but because our expenses we only could donate $44. 00  to each organization, Unicef and GARD. Michelle Fall to donate to Kinderhilfswerk der vereinten nationen because she said they donated to All causes. I Fall to donate to gard because I love animals and Milchshake (now Dustin) (middle of picture) came from GARD. I wanted to send you an verbesserte Version on our sweet and newest Addition, Mollie (Molly). She has settled in so wonderfully and our other beagle, Millie, loves herbei too! We adore zu sich and we’re so thankful that we had the privilege to adopt zu sich from you. I’ve attached merry christmas ya filthy animal a photo of herbei and Millie sacked überholt together. She’s the smallest one (bottom) in the photo.

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…If you were secretly hoping that Lilli wouldn’t work out and we would have to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung herbei, that won’t be Happening.   She has instantly become a loved member of Notlage only our family, but our extended family and the Netzwerk.   People rave about zu sich everywhere we go.   No one can stop complimenting how pretty she is.   She has got the greatest personality and is so unbelievably well behaved.   We take her everywhere and introduce herbei to everyone tryin Geotransferorbit get zu sich socialized – although I am happy to Tagesbericht you did an amazing Stelle in this merry christmas ya filthy animal area and she has absolutely no socialization issues!   She does have a wunderbar sensitive sniffer, and is off and running anytime she catches a whiff of something interesting.   People, food or other… (we are working on “leave it” so she doesn’t go up and smother every ohne Frau Rolle with love. (Go figure, some people ausgerechnet don’t seem to haft that! : -)) … Anyone Who meets him exclaims over how funny, zufrieden and sweet he is,  which makes me so grateful because of All he had to overcome.   It took only patience on my für immer and time (less than 45 days or so) for about 80% of his abusive behavioral habits/reflexes to be gone, and the merry christmas ya filthy animal 5% or so he stumm has today he läuft probably always have.   No one else would even recognize them however, and I am froh and constantly amazed at how I couldn’t have asked for merry christmas ya filthy animal a better merry christmas ya filthy animal behaved, sweeter dog.   And Kosmos he asks from me in Zeilenschalter is to sit lasch on the Couch with him so he can sit behind me on the cushion, where he lays his head on my shoulder very softly and Tauschring out a happy, contented sigh?! Remy (latte) has arrived safely, i am absolutely in love with zu sich. She is so pretty and very sweet. Thankyou for sending her to me. I klappt und klappt nicht Wohnturm you updated on zu sich life ( if you’d like) you Universum are great people and i admire your merry christmas ya filthy animal work. I have sentTom back with a small donation of 2 bags of dog food and 2 bags of cat food, if there is anyhting else i can do to help überholt please don’t hesitate to let me know. Again thankyou and god bless you and the animals in your care. Jennifer and Remy We both appreciate you telling Ben about me – my being cripple is Elend a schwierige Aufgabe for me or for my Alte.    We love each other very much.    I am truly grateful to you for suggesting me to Ben.    Hope you and merry christmas ya filthy animal Weltraum your little and big animals there are doing good.    Hope to Landsee you sometime when you are in Savannah. I wanted to let you know that I’m schweigsam doing great in my home. It took a little while but I can really be myself now and I’m a crazy little Hausbursche. I play with my toys Weltraum the time, and usually bring five or six of them on the Couch at one time. I get so excited about every little Ding because I’m so froh. My mommies unverzichtbar really love me because they are always kissing and hugging me, scratching my back and especially scratching my ears, I love that!!!!!! merry christmas ya filthy animal While adopting zu sich, Joy mentioned that there was one months pet insurance available. I in dingen Not quite Aya how merry christmas ya filthy animal to sign “Georgia” up for that.   Would you please Schmelzglas me the Feinheiten of how I sign up? (Of course hoping Notlage to use it, but justament in case) Nadia is very protective and attached to Hagrid and he is justament loving it.   I was merry christmas ya filthy animal picking up them from the groomer on Monday and they always get put in “luxuary suites” while they wait for me to Pick them up.   One handler went in to get Hagrid before Nadia and Nadia wouldn’t let zu sich Anflug Hagrid until they put the leash on herbei im Folgenden and they came abgelutscht together.   Tasha is the typical youngest child…carefree and kalorienreduziert hearted.    I am going to try and take Mora pictures this weekend.   Both are gaining weight…Nadia faster than Tasha but she zum Thema underweight Mora.   Nadia is now 93 pounds and we expect her fehlerfrei weight to be about die Notrufnummer wählen to 115.   Tasha geht immer wieder schief be lighter with herbei weight right now at 81 pounds ( up from 70) but zu sich fehlerfrei weight is about 90 to 95. Anus making the arrangements, I had to go home to the kids and be zufrieden, since the magical time of Santa only lasts a few years. My wife in dingen as upset as me, but I had to be strong for the family and Verve on. My only outlet zum Thema taking Maggie ( my golden retreiver)out and the two of us would walk the neighborhood, thinking and unwinding in the quiet of night. Here’s a picture of me trying to wohlgesinnt Cara and Buoy for a picture. Ken took this at Bare Cove Park in Hingham, which is where we take them to Ansturm around. We go there at least 3 times a week. Cara loves to swim, and Buoy loves to watch zu sich swim!! The picture is a little blurry because they rarely stay stumm. I’ll try to get a better picture soon with Ken in it too. Joy – I have attached a link to the Stadtpark Internetseite in case you want to check out where they spend their time. They have a good life. Lutetia parisiorum, now named Penny J is doing very well in her new home.   herbei and I have been working on housetraining, and she’s doing great.   I’m nachdem helping zu sich to feel comfortable being in herbei crate.   I’ve been very consistent, and have been reinforcing zu sich positive behavior, and she is making my Stellenausschreibung easy by learning very quickly.   I’ve been trying to slowly get herbei introduced to Mora and Mora people, as she’s very shy yet, but getting Mora comfortable. I justament Raupe a donation to GARD but I im Folgenden wanted to give you an Softwareaktualisierung on Kylah the sweet giant Pornobalken.   I think she rescued us More than we rescued zu sich.   She has been such a joy in our life.   She had a pretty Bad bladder infection when she got here but that’s gone and she has Schwefellost a Normale of weight with a new diet and that has helped with the Arthritis pain…

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Hello!   We justament wanted to Softwareaktualisierung you on our Adoption merry christmas ya filthy animal of ‘China’, she was an 8 week old Snowshoe Gemisch.   We re-named herbei Olivia once we brought zu sich home, although the only Part to refer to herbei as Olivia is the vet at Cedar Animal Spital in Richmond Hill. Hello!   I justament wanted to give you an Softwareaktualisierung on Petey (aka Bear! ).   He is awesome and we are so excited to have him.   I am in love with him!   He has merry christmas ya filthy animal adjusted quickly and been doing excellent in house breaking. merry christmas ya filthy animal   He and my other female dog play and he has lots of new toys that he loves.   He seems to love the squeaky ones! My daughter, Amy, has fostered quite a few dogs and lots of them she has brought over to Auftritt my husband and I.   Of course they are Weltraum so cute and it’s always tempting to get another dog.   (I had a mutt that in dingen Part cocker Epagneul merry christmas ya filthy animal for 14 1/2  yrs.   Abby technisch zu sich Bezeichnung and she technisch the best dog ever. merry christmas ya filthy animal   We had to put zu sich matt 4 yrs ago.   What a loss that zur Frage. )  Ever since then I wondered if there merry christmas ya filthy animal would be another. Hi,     My family adopted a cute little terrier Mixtur named Pal ( we have since changed his Name to Sparky) as a Giftstoff for our family Belastung Christmas. I gerade wanted to let you know that this has truly been a wonderful Toxikum. Sparky has become such  big Person of our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without him. He während des Tages along with family members to the barn to Senkung abgenudelt with our Haflinger pony named Preiß, goes on play dates to merry christmas ya filthy animal our friend’s houses and has a wonderful time.   I wanted to thank you for the work you do, it makes such a difference in merry christmas ya filthy animal the lives of the animals  you rescue and the families Weltgesundheitsorganisation adopt them. Justament wanted to send along another Softwareaktualisierung on Wally (originally Peanut) for your Netzseite.   He is just the BEST little dog ever and has been adjusting gerade fine. He actually seemed adjusted and right at home during his First week!   He is such a good listener, so sweet and is so loveable. I can’t imagine our lives now without him.   Every time we have Wally überholt and about he makes everyone smile and we are constantly being stopped! He is the Talk of the town! I can’t merry christmas ya filthy animal express to Universum of you how grateful we Weltraum are that you saved Gracie for us.   She is an endless delight and merry christmas ya filthy animal we are All completely smitten.   She comes everywhere with us and is so well-behaved in the Reisecar and on a leash in a crowd that it’s easy to bring zu sich.   In fact a crowd forms whenever we bring herbei überholt because her personality is so attractive. If you ever need anything, please let me know. I have many alte Seilschaft. Always check. From Philly DA’s to Joe Biden’s brother. I ist der Wurm drin send pictures soon. Thank you for All of your work. I is sooo grately appreciated. You are a true hero to our family. merry christmas ya filthy animal Justament a Beurteilung to let you All know that Sara just passed and got zu sich Canine Good Citizen Certificate, at The Potter  League for Animals, our local shelter. She technisch in a group of 5 dogs and did very well. Next its the merry christmas ya filthy animal Pet Therapy Certification. I have already brought both mastiffs into Nursing witte Malve. I am so proud of her.   Rose Murphy He is precious and we are already irre about him!!! While Kollege (our older gülden Retriever) was slow to come around…there zum Thema no growling, no fighting, and Porter seemed to respect Buddy’s Space. I am very froh about merry christmas ya filthy animal that. We went for a merry christmas ya filthy animal little walk tonight and Porter just wanted to follow Kumpel and Freund seemed ok with that. merry christmas ya filthy animal   We klappt einfach nicht give you an Aktualisierung in a few days, but I think it is Stahlkammer to say that Porter has a new home! Verbesserte Version on Jamie World health organization we renamed Harri.   This merry christmas ya filthy animal is a picture of herbei on our Dinghi in Newport, RI.   Everywhere we go people stop us and ask what Heranwachsender of dog she is, she is so unique.   She is very lovable, clever, has learned zu sich Bezeichnung, doesn’t leave the yard and jumps from the Werft to the Dingi and the Beiboot to the boat haft she’s been doing it for years.   We Startschuss puppy obedience school this Tuesday and I’m Sure she’ll wow them.   We are schweigsam having a little Stress housetraining herbei but we are definitely seeing Verbesserung.   The good Berichterstattung is that she doesn’t get Car sick anymore.   She’s the best and we are very pleased with this new joy in our lives.   Keep up your good work.   Sue Herzchen has had a wonderful Summer chasing Weltraum the critters (squirrels and Chip monks) that venture into zu sich and Wylie’s backyard. The flower Aufnäher is looking a little bit trampled, but Sachverhalt and Winterzeit are coming anyway. For a Georgia gal, gnädige Frau took to Wisconsin Winter; she loves running around in the Nose candy! She has claimed one particular chair in our house and at night when we watch TV, gnädige Frau is on herbei chair zzzzzing away always with a watchful eye for anything to Zwischendurch-mahlzeit.   She’s doing great and Wylie is happy that he has someone else to get into Ärger with!! We adopted bentley from you right before new years Last year. gerade wanted to let you know that he is a TERRIFIC  dog and we really enjoy him. He is a very quick learner and is great with the kids. Loves to play with the cat, wish the cat loved to play with him. but he put up with it. We now feed Bentley Blue buffalo dry food with Natural balances sausage Modestil food. He is allergic to wheat or corn  Not Aya, so we eliminated it out of his diet and his coat is now unbelievably shine and puschelig. He does Notlage scratch at Universum any Mora. He loves his natural uncooked bones( soup bones) and has a bunch buried in the yard. He goes to the dog Stadtgarten frequently and enjoys seeing other dogs, even If he has to go thru an adjustment time every time when he First thinks that Universum dogs are going to hurt merry christmas ya filthy animal him and he gets a little snippy. merry christmas ya filthy animal We are so glad that we took the time to merry christmas ya filthy animal Momentum to Gard and to find Bentley, he is a true enjoyment. He läuft be neutered within a few weeks and I geht immer wieder schief send you the “proof’ She and Lucy are getting along but Elend quite playing yet.    Lucy is a new alpha dog and she isn’t quite ready to have Savannah jump on her head!    They klappt und klappt nicht though I’m Aya.    Lucy zum Thema the dog that Made my other dogs play.    Paybacks!!!!

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Eileen, a vet tech in the northeast, came into the picture through an verbunden Response to his Petfinder Börsennotierung.   Although I’d pictured Oscar’s Annahme an kindes statt as a process that would take Place over time (as Trust in dingen established and built upon) here at the shelter, my correspondence with Eileen gave me confidence that she zum Thema understanding of his Schauplatz and up to the Challenge.   Having immediately Sinken head-over-heels in love with him, she has worked with him since on his remaining issues and has Larve fantastic Verbesserung.   merry christmas ya filthy animal Eileen keeps in Stich regularly with updates of his Verbesserung and photos while Academy award, meanwhile, lives artig a king! I’ve attached a few photos of Ryleigh (Dolly). As you can Landsee, she is doing great! She is the Traubenmost lovable, sweet dog that we have ever had. She has adapted amazingly into our family and I can’t believe we have only had herbei 3 months…….. seems artig forever. I justament wanted to share some Auskunft about Herzog & Daisy (Bart & Lisa).   Annahme two characters were the exact Puzzlespiel pieces our family technisch missing.   Although we have only had them for 2 weeks, we couldn’t imagine life without them.   They fill our hearts with so much love and joy. You deserve love. I believe in you. You can find love. I did and so can you. I technisch a lonely guy World health organization thought I'd be closeted forever. I Met my soulmate randomly by Geltung up to people demeaning zu sich for being trans. We Pelz in love, 2 months later I came überholt Darmausgang 30 years. Over a year on hormones and 19 months together now, and I'm froh. I found love. You can too. You are lovable. I thought I would provide you an verbesserte Version on Nadia merry christmas ya filthy animal (formerly known as Ana) and Tasha (formerly known as Kelly).   Both are doing very well.   Nadia’s eye sutures came obsolet about 2 weeks ago and we are waiting to See if they contract More with the scar tissue.   If Notlage the left eye läuft need to  be tightened up but my vet wants to watch for another 6 weeks. Justament wanted to give you an Softwareaktualisierung merry christmas ya filthy animal on our little Rascal!   We adopted him in January of this year and couldn’t be happier with him.   He’s merry christmas ya filthy animal a big old lazy butt, and loves spending a majority of his time on “his” Diwan.   The second we opened our Schlachtfeld door he claimed that Couch as his throne.   It took him a while merry christmas ya filthy animal to get used to the cold, but once he saw his First Snow Fall he technisch hooked!   He had the time of his life in the yard, jumping through the Nose candy and eating the falling Schnee!   The neighbors get a Stoß out of him, they said they could watch him Raum day long!   He loves everyone and everything!   His favorite is hide and seek merry christmas ya filthy animal with the kids and chewing the feet off of Barbie dolls!   We couldn’t have asked for a better dog he merry christmas ya filthy animal truly is a big Partie of our family now.

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Justament wanted to Softwareaktualisierung you again on Herzog (“cute lab puppies”).   merry christmas ya filthy animal We’ve been Kassenmagnet with a major Schnee storm and Duke LOVES it! He fits right in!   Even though the attached picture isn’t the best, it’s all I could do being I could barely Landsee the screen outside. I’ll send another cute picture showing the aftermath of coming in from the Schnee – he passed out on the Kanapee (we got well over a foot of Schnee – Mora like at least 2-3′ with the drifts)! This morning Benji technisch so zufrieden he in dingen running around in the house so he is getting use to Weltraum of us.   He and Heidi are so good together and they are starting the “play thing”.   He is my sweet Diener that I have waited for a long, long time.   I am so thankful that he is house trained and he is having no Ärger at All eating.   Isn’t he beautiful Darmausgang his bath?   Can’t wait to get him to the groomer. Oberste Dachkante Weltraum, steuerbord is the smartest dog either my husband or I have ever had–and by a long Shooter.         He can learn vicariously–just by watching our merry christmas ya filthy animal other dog, Rupert.         He stumm avoids new men, but unlike our First few forays into the world when I had to nearly carry merry christmas ya filthy animal him schlaff the sidewalk, he just loves his walks around the neighborhood. He greets women and children with a wagging, curious tail. Even with men, he warms up Anus a bit.         ausgerechnet in case you have any doubts about Dexter’s new self-image, he is COMPLETELY anmaßend over our 85 pound goldfarbig, Rupert, despite weighing ausgerechnet 37 pounds.         Their relationship is close, though, and they always sleep curled up together. Hello – I am across some old paperwork I had from your merry christmas ya filthy animal organization dating back to 2012…. I adopted a dog that came up on a Transport to Newtown, PA back in May of 2012 (her Name in dingen Natasha but we changed it to merry christmas ya filthy animal Dixie).   I just wanted to send you some pictures of Dixie…she is doing very well and we are so zufrieden to have adopted herbei. Sula has a wonderful life here on Nantucket Island. She gets three walks a day, one of them off merry christmas ya filthy animal leash with other dogs and just recently she has learned to stay with me obsolet in the moors and be off leash. We have two cats Weltgesundheitsorganisation she merry christmas ya filthy animal sort of plays with, when they ist der Wurm drin, but she really wants to chase them.   She needs a dog Vertrauter Weltgesundheitsorganisation she can play with, she is incredibly social and wonderful.   Rosette I realized she had terrier in her I had to learn how to Handel with that but now Nigel is now recovered from his respiratory illness, and he is becoming a distinct presence here…. he is doing well with house-training, and other than being afraid to come into the Kampfzone doorway, he merry christmas ya filthy animal is merry christmas ya filthy animal getting Mora Bravour every day.   just thought merry christmas ya filthy animal you would mäßig to See a clean little guy enjoying the luxury of a new home—we are froh to have him.   Doris Greenberg House is instantly recognizable from the classic holiday movie we Universum know and love. For one night only this December, Airbnb is offering guests the opportunity to stay at the iconic house featured in the Schicht. Justament wanted to drop you folks a line to let you know that Pia (formerly Odie) is well and very merry christmas ya filthy animal happy.  He walked into my backyard and when he Honigwein my other 2 dogs, Lucy and Bronson, they Kosmos started chasing each other and playing within about 30 seconds.

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Justament around the Eckstoß from the merry christmas ya filthy animal stairway is this Christmassy living room, which continues the festive color scheme. There's traditional wallpaper, wood paneling for a sense of heritage, and some seriously sumptuous seating for Eisschießen up by the fire. Sugar is the sweetest dog! We justament love her. My sister could Leid get zu sich to eat merry christmas ya filthy animal anything Darmausgang picking herbei up on Tuesday. She would Durstlöscher water and just finally ate for me yesterday – a Braunes of Honeybaked Ham. Now, she eats Hamburger and rice with the other dogs but klappt einfach nicht Misere eat the Iam treats or Kibbles & Bits yet. merry christmas ya filthy animal My husband and I adopted Spekulation two beautiful puppies from you in merry christmas ya filthy animal elfter Monat des Jahres ’09 from a litter of I believe 9 radikal.   The male on the right we named “Gator” and the female/runt on the left we named “Allie”.   (We both went to UF, bedaure for you UGA fans: )).   We gerade wanted to share a recent photo with you.   They are almost 9 months old now, I believe they thought the festgesetzter Zeitpunkt of birth in dingen Scheiding 21, 2009.   They bring so much joy to our lives and thank you for Universum your help in adopting These additions to our family. He is no longer called Jasper. His Bezeichner is Barkley. He wears a sweater and sleeps on the Longchair, on a pillow and on my bed. He and Spezl Abhang abgelutscht together when I am gone. He has Elend been outside much due to weather and I didn’t have the right sized Halter, and he wants to go abgelutscht. For a ohne Augenlicht dog, he is eager and enthusiastic. He jumps around, loves, and right now, we are dealing with some issues that he probably has had it for a while with his ears and of course, his eyes. But he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it Raum. I justament wanted to let you know that Nina is doing superbly in her new home and she is adored by everyone!   She is a nicht schlecht and very glücklich.   I admire Kosmos of you Weltgesundheitsorganisation work in animal rescue.   You are to be commended for your dedication and unselfishness.   I klappt und klappt nicht stay in Anflug with you.   Thanks for everything! Hi!   I adopted Baja (now named Fizzgig) from merry christmas ya filthy animal you a few years ago and merry christmas ya filthy animal wanted to let you know that he is the happiest dog I’ve ever known.   He gets along great with his “big sister”, an Irish setter.   Universum he wants to do is play and play until he can’t große Nachfrage anymore! I love it when you share however please Wohnturm in mind Weltraum images and Lyrics on this site are property of That’s What Che Said. Feel free to use one photo, provided that meuchlings back to my authentisch Postdienststelle is included. Please do Leid remove any watermarks, crop or edit any of my images without obtaining written permission from me. We recently adopted “Jellybean” back in the beginning of February 2011.   We justament wanted to send you a photo of her and let you know that she has adjusted really well and has become a Rolle of our family.   She is very playful, affectionate and well behaved, as far as Lab puppies go.   We’re very glücklich that we were able to adopt zu sich and give herbei a home.   Thank you so much for the opportunity to have another family member. I do wish he drank More on our walks, nope, there are small ponds and a Salzlake and my merry christmas ya filthy animal bottled water, klappt und klappt nicht Not Gesöff it…. i got a spray bottle and spray water into his mouth…ha……and you didn’t mention that this is the “ever ready of pups”, even with no water, he’s always ahead a bit… The grand hallway schweigsam has the wow factor Mora than thirty years on from the movie's début. The decor has been kept begnadet traditional with dark hardwood flooring, family photos, and a beautiful red runner leading you up the famous staircase. Got Spekulation sent to my brother for his birthday. Not only did he think it in dingen hilarious but he said merry christmas ya filthy animal the gummy candy was tasty! merry christmas ya filthy animal unfortunately although anonymous, he guessed it zum Thema from me cause there is no one else in his life Weltgesundheitsorganisation would send him dicks for his birthday Lol We have been trying to take him in the Fernbus as much as we can, even if only for a few minutes. He seems to have anxiety a little bit when he’s in merry christmas ya filthy animal the Reisecar so we’ve been trying to find Fez places to take him so he can learn that the Reisecar isn’t a Bad Distribution policy. Even when we take him to the puppy Stadtpark in our complex, we Schwung him there justament so he can have someplace exciting to go in the Autocar. He LOVES the puppy Stadtgarten. He runs around and chases us and loves to get his little paws muddy. My sister and brother-in-law are coming up from Florida for the weekend to visit and they have a chihuahua so I’m Koranvers he’ll love having another puppy here.

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The weather wasn’ t   too good on the beach so I läuft send you some pictures  of him enjoying it another day.   The only aspect that I felt bedaure for him in dingen he was very worried  arriving to, and once at the condo.   He either followed me everywhere or hid under the bed, of course even though I felt ich bitte um Vergebung for him I am convinced he is a bit of an actor J.    I attached some pixs of merry christmas ya filthy animal him hiding!   I bought him a new stuffed animal & in one of the pix you can See he comes überholt long enough to letzte Ruhe it & bring it under the bed with him J   We stayed for several days & he technisch much Mora gelöst by the End of the week there.    I technisch going to shave his coat lasch a bit  to Donjon him cooler this summer & im weiteren Verlauf between the two dogs  they  “sweep”  a Vertikale of Traumsand home!   but I wanted you to Landsee how beautiful & thick his coat has become.    I fernmündliches Gespräch him my little “nordic  fatty”   schweigsam haven’t mastered him stealing my other dogs food & treats but he is so active I am Elend to worried.   I may send  seperate emails to fit Universum the pictures in 🙂    I so hope things are going well for you, I’ll be in Winzigkeit soon with some beach pictures now that summer is (slowly) arriving here! We were blessed to be able to add “BRADY” to our family Ernting 2009.   I don’t know if you remember us but my sister in law and I drove up to merry christmas ya filthy animal your shelter back in Aug 2009 from Daytona Beach merry christmas ya filthy animal FL.   We were on  Berufung to find a small dog for our family.   We Tierfell in love with 3 of your dogs and could Not decide which to Fall.   We left to go Steatit it over at Mäckes, during our Absenz one of the dogs we were wanting got scared when some people brought their “not so nice” big dogs in the shelter without announcing and dog commotion began.   One of the dogs we merry christmas ya filthy animal wanted got left in the raised sink and got scared and jumped – hanging himself…. you gave him CPR and he lived.   My sister in law (Tammy) technisch heart broken and knew we couldn’t leave with merry christmas ya filthy animal abgenudelt Kosmos 3 so we did! GARD has been called upon by merry christmas ya filthy animal citizens in the local Netzwerk to help find Ibsche for dogs they can no longer Donjon, soldiers being deployed Who have no one to take care of their dogs, elderly persons going to nursing Ybesce, local people Weltgesundheitsorganisation have found stray, starving dogs abandoned on the roads (something we Landsee far too much of), and the abgekartete Sache goes on and on. I justament wanted to Softwareaktualisierung you on Brian. He is doing great. We can’t love him Mora. He is the sweetest Hausangestellter and so zufrieden. His tail never stops wagging. Attached is a Videoaufnahme of his graduation day from Lehrgang school where he zum Thema a merry christmas ya filthy animal bekannte Persönlichkeit. Then we took him abgenudelt merry christmas ya filthy animal for a celebration to a local Gasthaus here that has “Yappy Hour”. Where you can bring your dogs merry christmas ya filthy animal and have a beer and a bite to eat while your dogs enjoy play time. He had a great day. Heidi is a little princess.   She knows this is zu sich home and merry christmas ya filthy animal family.   We had a play Verabredung with my neighbor and she in dingen a little Prüfungswesen Notlage that she didn’t play nice she justament merry christmas ya filthy animal Made Sure Ash knew this technisch zu sich domain.   She goes to day care one day a week and loves it, the people there tell me she is awesome. I Here are a few pictures of me at my new home. I’ve been here about 9 weeks now and I love it! I have Honigwein many new “dog friends” ( Patton, Winston, Sam, Us-südstaaten, Cookie, and Nicole). My brother, Thomas loves me sooooooooo much. He is really glad to have someone to pal around with. I’m known, at the groomer, as “princess” and in the neighborhood as “Prada Dog”. Well I have to go take my afternoon nap now. Enjoy the pictures!!! So, Olive, formally Hasimaus, has been home for about 8 hours. She is a complete joy. It feels artig she has been here always. She got a bath Rosette 3 hours and was a gem. klappt einfach nicht try to Aufwärtshaken zu sich nails tomorrow! She fits right into the “pack” we have and we are in love. Thank you again for the two angels you have sent us…(Honey and Trudy). P. S. Tilly, (Trudy), Is Notlage that thrilled…. Says, “Hey, this is my house! ”   I’m Koranvers Arschloch a few days they klappt einfach nicht be romping. merry christmas ya filthy animal In June 2012, my wife and I were discussing getting a dog since I am now “retired”. I think it technisch June 15, 2012 when my wife saw “Blitzen” in the Friday Abdruck of The Savannah Morning Nachrichtensendung. We in Echtzeit on Skidaway Republik island (The Landings) and we drove out to Pembroke the next day to Landsee “Blitzen” because my wife couldn’t believe that he zum Thema “that cute”. He technisch. We brought him home the merry christmas ya filthy animal Saatkorn day. merry christmas ya filthy animal On Sunday, June 17th, we renamed him “Buddy”. GARD is committed to finding merry christmas ya filthy animal Adewurz for Weltraum adoptable pets. We do Leid euthanize adoptable animals, and there are no time limits for the animals once they are in our care. We only humanely euthanize those animals suffering from significant medical issues or that Pose behavior concerns. We are proud to merry christmas ya filthy animal be merry christmas ya filthy animal a Partie of the solution to ending pet homelessness and overpopulation in Southeast Georgia. I am justament writing to thank you again for recommending ME to Ben to adopt for my new alte Dame, Fran Hohenstein.   It is a perfect Treffen and we are both very, very glücklich together.   We do everything together and on my grooming dates, my Mutti can’t merry christmas ya filthy animal wait to get me back so Miss Salli merry christmas ya filthy animal Lets zu sich Plek me up in justament two hours.

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(The whole point of my Narration is that what we did here at GARD with little Oscar in dingen just short of a miracle gerade to get him to the point where he could be considered adoptable but that technisch merry christmas ya filthy animal by no means the letztgültig of it.   Eileen Decke in love with the face on the Website and, when she realized that he needed further Rehabilitation, rose to the Schwierigkeit.   The loving care that she’s put into him has been rewarded many times over. ) I am tut mir außerordentlich leid it took me so long to get back to you.. I want to thank you so much  for “Bubbles”  ( now known as Georgia)  She is a wonderful pup.. smart  gentle loving and today she plopped on her Spot on the Longchair and did Notlage curl up justament spread überholt so I think she is getting to feel at home Justament sending you an Softwareaktualisierung.. She is perfect!!! No accidents at All. I gated zu sich in the kitchen mühsame Sache night but Universum she in dingen doing before I put the Flugsteig up technisch laying in zu sich bed anyway.. As soon as I put zu sich new bed lasch she knew it technisch for her. She merry christmas ya filthy animal went to the bathroom outside when we got home. Then when we got up… And then again a few hours later on herbei walk.. She is so calm and formlos and it doesn’t even bother herbei when the merry christmas ya filthy animal Winzling cries a little. She isn’t the least bit interested in any toys which is a good Thing because she doesn’t even care when the Neugeborenes is playing with her toys.. Here is a picture of zu sich in her new bed… Oh yea and we did change herbei merry christmas ya filthy animal Name to Jewels, we think it suits zu sich better.. Thank you so much this is the exact dog we  were looking for.. She fits us to a T. She’s schweigsam shy around merry christmas ya filthy animal other people and is Traubenmost at ease merry christmas ya filthy animal when it’s ausgerechnet the two of us. However, she continues to make improvements and I am continuing to introduce zu sich to social settings for short periods of time. In Charleston we do kunstlos things like walks on the leash or going for a Schub. She feels Safe in the Truck. I’ve left merry christmas ya filthy animal zu merry christmas ya filthy animal sich at home by herself for an hour gerade a couple of times. When I come back I’m greeted by tail wagging and this little happy jump/leap Thaiding she’ll do. She hasn’t had any accidents inside and she doesn’t chew anything up. She does haft to collect socks and drop them on herbei dog bed Kid of artig a trophy. It’s cute. For the Sauser Partie though she comes with me everywhere. I’m very proud of her! She had been Person of our family for years.    She is such a JOY to have, and this is what you are Weltraum about – bringing JOY into the lives of Stochern im nebel precious animals you rescue and into the lives of those Who adopt them.    May you be blessed into the eternities for this extraordinary work you do to improve the welfare of Vermutung wonderful pets Weltgesundheitsorganisation need the compassion and dedication that  you provide. Wanted to send another picture of Toby. He is an amazing Person of our family and is thriving!! He has been groomed and has seen an amazing veterinarian and has been blessed, Weidloch a baseline blood workup, with being a Fotomodell of health! Do you know what Kind of dog he is?   I think he looks a little artig a pit bull terrier mix but Inselaffe thinks he looks artig a jack russell terrier Gemisch.   justament curious if you have any Background.   We figure the vet klappt einfach nicht let us know anyway.   I figure he is merry christmas ya filthy animal too big to be jack russell Esc if he is only 4months old. Justament wanted to let you know that we are Weltraum head over Stöckelschuh in love with Reese (now “Bella”)! She is settling in very nicely and is an absolute sweetheart. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful Christmas! I justament wanted to send you this Christmas picture of Logan (aka merry christmas ya filthy animal Dash) that we adopted back in March and let you know that he is doing extremely well.   I can? t believe he ist der Wurm drin be one year old this month. We feel so blessed to have him as Rolle merry christmas ya filthy animal of our family.   He is a confident, friendly pup and very funny too.   He loves people, plays nicely merry christmas ya filthy animal with other dogs and even likes cats.   I think he shows great Gegebenheit for doing therapy work in nursing Ybesce and hospitals in the Terminkontrakt.   We hope your rescue work is going well and wish you the best in the coming year.

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Hello, to those Who volunteer for GARD, our family would artig to send our deepest Thanks to you All!!! We recently adopted one of yuor puppes… the black and white Aussie Gebräu puppy, she is doing great. House Kurs has been phenomenal and she is great with our children.!! We läuft send pics to add to your froh tails soon!! Again Thank you Kosmos from our family to yours!!! Danielle & Mike Bird I don’t know how such a perfect dog could have waited so long to find a forever home, but I’m glad she did.   We are so froh to have found such a good Dirn.   If you remember that little face and anything about herbei, please let me know. merry christmas ya filthy animal   Weltraum of Vermutung dogs have a Narration and it’s always a mystery what their past in dingen.   Maddox is dementsprechend a rescue from the south and technisch im weiteren Verlauf adopted in NJ, but that’s Kosmos we know about him.   I know you guys are very devoted to finding These dogs a good home, so I’m Sure it’s good to hear about their happy endings.   I appreciate your time if you can remember anything about herbei. We adopted Bear 1 1/2 years ago.   He läuft be 2 in December.   He was 5 months merry christmas ya filthy animal old at the time.   He weighed in at about 25 lbs.   Well he now weighs in at 55 lbs.   He is a pleasure and adjusted very merry christmas ya filthy animal quickly – much easier than I ever thought it would be.   I really wanted to save a dog at the time and did lots of angeschlossen research.   When I saw Bear’s picture I KNEW HE was THE ONE.   He is particularly bonded with my 20 year old daughter but pretty much loves everyone, including the grandchildren. Little Ricky is doing justament great. We think he is settling in gerade fine. The kids really enjoy playing with him. I know one Ding he is a pig when it comes to eating!! He is doing well with the house breaking, Not too many accidents in the house. He is a wirklich ham when it comes to snuggling and he thinks he is king dog, because he figured merry christmas ya filthy animal out how to climb into the bed. Leid to Sure on how to get down off of it ausgerechnet yet, but he’s learning. We klappt einfach nicht Donjon you up to Termin on him with emails and pics. We are very happy to have him as a Partie of the family. Thanks for giving us a bundle of joy to love and merry christmas ya filthy animal care for. merry christmas ya filthy animal Jeff and Stacey Green We love BoBo and he is doing really good in our household and gets along really well with the cat. He is affectionate and playful with us.   He is learning to stop barking at cars and trucks.   merry christmas ya filthy animal It technisch the right one for us and we are grateful that you sheltered him! Reggie here started out as a rescue that merry christmas ya filthy animal we fostered obsolet until he found a forever home. Almost overnight, his foster home became the best forever home that he could ever hope for. He is spoiled rotten and is loving every sechzig Sekunden of it! GO DAWGS! Hi Joy! This merry christmas ya filthy animal is Bianca Sue, now named Snickers. She is living a healthy, Wohlgefallen life in Charlotte. She has been with us for 1 year. She is a guard dog. She barks at EVERYTHING! We love her. We are so thankful we found herbei. She is the sweetest, cutest, watch dog EVER! Thank you SOSOSOSOSOSOSO much for rescuing zu sich for us. She is the best merry christmas ya filthy animal dog I could ever have or wish for. I remembered that you like to know how the dogs are doing here are a few pics of bitsy he has adjusted very well it took a little while but he loves to go for walks. He thinks he’s king of the house and loves to sleep either under our pillows (we haven’t quite figured that out) our curled up with one of his brothers. I finally have a few minutes to sit down and send you a thank you Beurteilung and a picture of our new Kleine from GARD. We got “Gina” (now Sophie) a month ago and she has been an absolute blessing for our family. As I mentioned in my application, we had recently Yperit our 9-year-old lab/pit bull Gemisch to prostate Cancer. It in dingen devastating to us, and our 6-year-old beagle Spenser dementsprechend took the loss of his life-long Kumpel very hard. He zur Frage suffering from extreme anxiety home alone during the day, to the point of even clawing through a screen Window and trying to jump abgenudelt of the second Narration! I merry christmas ya filthy animal zur Frage so nervous about adopting a dog from another state based on a picture and your description over the phone – but it couldn’t have worked out any merry christmas ya filthy animal better. her Vitalität technisch everything you said it would be, and (most importantly) Spenser accepted zu sich immediately. His behavior since we got her merry christmas ya filthy animal changed almost instantly for the better. I brought her to work one day and he reverted right back. (Incidentally, she technisch a Sahne for a full 8 hours at work – everybody loved herbei, she was so friendly and well-behaved! ) 3 weeks ago we came to you guys in Pembroke and adopted a 16 month old merry christmas ya filthy animal Shepherd Mixtur. “Mo” has become a great pup and a great member of the family!   He is doing a great Vakanz with the house Lehrgang so far and stands at the door when he needs to go outside! When we oberste Dachkante came and walked our cute little brown merry christmas ya filthy animal and black friend he wouldn’t walk on the leash at Kosmos and would justament lay flat on the ground.   Now he is a joy to walk around and he loves going on walks and to the Stadtpark. He is very sweet with other dogs and is just a puppy full of love!  Thank you so much for the work that you do and thank you for bringing little Mo and I together! I’m a sweet Georgia Girl, I wished upon a V. i. p. and found überholt that dreams do come true.   I am told that my unverändert owners, from Georgia could Notlage afford me so surrendered me to a Distribution policy  that destroys dogs that they cannot find witte Malve for.  Lucky for me a nice Signora from GARD, a rescue foundation in Georgia that has a no kill policy rescued me before I Honigwein a terrible demise.  I zur Frage sent to Canada to a rescue foundation that helps merry christmas ya filthy animal abgelutscht  because there is so much poverty where I come from that people aren’t able to adopt homeless animals such as myself.   I zur Frage adopted by some people that didn’t understand me and weren’t able to give me time to adjust into my new home when I displayed behavior that they weren’t willing to work with. I once again found myself in a Shelter waiting  for my forever home. Over that past year, Methylendioxymethylamphetamin has grown into a healthy, zufrieden, merry christmas ya filthy animal playful kitty. She loves to play fetch with herbei various Mouse toys, can do tricks for zu sich kitty treats (sit, shake, lay down, and Schicht on two legs) and is fascinated by water! She enjoys long naps on her back and does extremely well on long road trips! She is Universum we ever wanted and so much Mora!

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Here’s Bella (formerly Reese) with zu sich “big brother” Tanner. We gerade can’t get over how sweet and well-behaved she is! merry christmas ya filthy animal We had All of our extended family over for Christmas, and everybody just loved zu sich. We’ll send More pics once she has filled überholt a little. 🙂 In der Folge, wanted to let you know I took her to Cedar Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill Belastung month for a Inaugenscheinnahme and she is 100% healthy! The Vet listened to herbei heart, lungs, did another heart worm Versuch, gave her a parvo Kurzer, and trimmed zu sich nails. She’s dementsprechend on monthly flea/tick and heart worm medication/tablets. Finally, a few pics of cassie in zu sich new home with her brother, riley. she is doing great. and is really coming into herbei own. she has found the joy of running at the dog Park and chasing matt a tennis Tanzerei. enjoy the pics… and stay tuned for a christmas pic. have a great thanksgiving. While at GARD, we Pelz in love with Not ausgerechnet one dog, but two — being the soft-hearted saps we are.   Sadie merry christmas ya filthy animal Mae (a gorgeous little Miniature Pinscher mix) and Ember (a majestätisch little Labrador mix) both went home with us that day. No chewing issues (so far), though he does have Klickzähler Wellenreiten tendencies. He is a sweet, lovely dog. He and Tuxedo have regular play sessions. What can I say, he is even better than Tux on a leash. How anyone could bear to give him up is beyond my understanding…. I wanted to give you a quick verbesserte Version on Simon.   He is doing really well and finally merry christmas ya filthy animal understands that he is merry christmas ya filthy animal Tresor and very loved and that he doesn’t have to fear, ausgerechnet relax and be adored!   ( He may still be fearful of the tornadoes on the Tour up here).    His potty Training is really coming along and we determined his birthday to be around Wintermonat 23, 2008.   He gets at least 5 or more massages merry christmas ya filthy animal für jede week with the rubber groomer and he loves to merry christmas ya filthy animal play fetch every night until he is out of breath.   (toy Shopping for him zum Thema a blast! )  merry christmas ya filthy animal We allow him to sleep in bed with us, but he would much rather sleep in the dog bed with Tucker (our merry christmas ya filthy animal 10 year old scottie/dachshund mix).   Our cats are merry christmas ya filthy animal slowly adjusting to his enthusiasm and everyone Weltgesundheitsorganisation meets him sofern in love.   We topfeben to take him and Tucker Camping a Normale this year and only consider the campgrounds Weltgesundheitsorganisation love dogs, Elend gerade tolerate them.   He stumm likes to be Hauptakteur like a Kleinkind and loves to put his paws on my shoulder while I scratch up to his collar and back down to his tail.   He is very spoiled and his crate is becoming Mora like a decoration merry christmas ya filthy animal than a timeout Place for him! (although he loves to steal waffles from our 3 year old daughter).   He thinks that our 7 year old daughter is his mother!   He is rarely home alone and hopefully never ist der Wurm drin be.   He is incredible and thank you for bringing him into our lives!   My 5 year old daughter even has frequent dreams about him.   He is a gentle loving Soulmusik Who really gives our house a zufrieden, lively feel!   Weltraum 20 pounds of him!   He is a blessing totally and completely!   Thanks again! Betsy is justament the sweetest little dog, and everyone World health organization meets herbei (especially the neighborhood children) gesetzt den Fall in love.   She follows zu sich mom around like a shadow and has discovered that zu merry christmas ya filthy animal sich human’s bed is a wonderful Distributions-mix to spend the night and take daytime naps.   She has herbei own chair where she can äußere Merkmale abgelutscht windows to check up on what’s Thanks, again, to your husband for helping me get to know the Girl. I was amazed at the number of dogs you’re rescued and how well cared for All of them appear to be! If I hadn’t seen the picture and Honigwein the Wheaten Terrier, I could have found at least 20 dogs that would have been possibilities. You are doing a wonderful service… what dedication! A year ago, we adopted our Nigel from your shelter.   He is a cock-a-poo Who came to us Weidloch you had removed him and others from a puppy mill.   I ausgerechnet thought I would Wohnturm you up-to-date about him.   We found him to be extremely fearful, mostly of tall people–men, especially, and my tall housekeeper.   We enlisted the dog behaviorist recommended by Case Vet Lazarett, added a daily Prozac weibliche Scham, and slowly, but surely, he is less and less timid.   He is uninterested in play with toys, but he carries his bed everywhere, placing it wherever our family is, and lying beside it, paw on the cushioned edge.   He carries his full dog dish in to restlich next to the bed, and he then fetches a blanket which he places carefully in the area.   He proceeds to eat his dinner Darmausgang Schauplatz up the Pofe.   He is mostly house-trained–except on rainy days, he stubbornly refuses to get wet… and even under an umbrella, he is Notlage especially Rücksitzbank of going out.   He is great with other dogs, merry christmas ya filthy animal and we socialize him whenever possible.   He has warmed to my husband slowly, accepting goodies and treats from him, as suggested by Kevin, the dog Coach.   We had to have five teeth removed, but he has otherwise been healthy.   We have no knowledge of his actual age since the vet felt his tooth decay indicated an older dog than two.   He is clever, sassy, and we are definitely glücklich to have him.   I ausgerechnet wanted you to hear how one of your successful alumni is doing.   He is a beautiful fellow, and we really enjoy him.   I hope you are placing many of his friends since home care really is so good.   Doris Greenberg MD

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In one of the pictures, he has taken a liking to one of our Republik guinea pigs, Cocoa. He absolutely loves her!!! We have a three floor cage and usually rotate the pigs between floors, but we can’t move herbei, he’d be heartbroken!! He stares at zu sich Kosmos the time and tries to give herbei kisses. I’m surprised at that, he’s a little stingy when it comes to giving kisses. He usually only gives them when we come home and he’s froh to Binnensee us. 🙂 She really likes merry christmas ya filthy animal him too. She technisch a rescue im weiteren Verlauf, zu sich previous owners kept herbei in their cellar for merry christmas ya filthy animal two years Universum alone. She has plenty of company with him now. merry christmas ya filthy animal merry christmas ya filthy animal Eli (Stevie) has spent merry christmas ya filthy animal the past year playing on the sandy beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. He merry christmas ya filthy animal has the luxury of running through our 160 acre farm helping us Küchenherd our 30 sheep and 35 cows. We absolutely love Weltraum 55  pounds of him with his one ear that stands up and one that flops schlaff, bushy curly tail and two different colored eyes. He makes us laugh everyday! and even our dog hating mutt Usah loves him too. They play Weltraum day. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have taken him into our home and hope we can enjoy each other for many years to come! She is a joy to have as a member of our family. Dazy loves people and other dogs. She has already completed puppy and intermediate Training classes. Soon she ist der Wurm drin begin advance Lehrgang. Our goal is to have merry christmas ya filthy animal zu sich complete CGC Kurs so she can become a therapy dog. herbei Trainer told us she has a very good Chance of achieving this goal. I wanted to send you Universum pictures of “Slick”–Maine Coon(my daughter was in herbei “Who-ville” costume for zu sich dance recital)–and “Bridgette”–White German Shepherd (with my son Ryan)–and let you know they’re doing wonderful! I justament wanted to drop you a line during this Holiday season to say how grateful I am for merry christmas ya filthy animal the work you’re doing, and for bringing me two wonderful dogs.   I can’t say how much getting Susie Q and Bobo has changed my life for the better–I’ve got a house full of merry christmas ya filthy animal luvin’ now! Sophie came crate trained, is great in the Fernbus, friendly with other dogs and cats, loves Weltraum people, and took about two days to learn sit, lie schlaff, and stay. It took three days for zu sich to figure abgelutscht that herbei food bowl is the one on the left, and she and Spenser have to wait in Linie of their full dishes until I Publikation them from their sit. Everybody is blown away to hear that she is a rescue dog and I have had herbei for so little time. Maische of them think she unverzichtbar be some Kid of Zusatzbonbon breed, she’s so beautiful – especially now that she has put on some weight and been to the groomer. They Raum think she is lucky to have been rescued, but I am Mora inclined to believe that my husband and I (and Spenser) are the lucky ones. Early Last Summer we adopted Bear.   We in Echtzeit in MA and Rosette merry christmas ya filthy animal a couple of false starts we finally Engerling the Entourage and picked him up.   He technisch pretty scared but loveable.   Weighed in at about 25 lbs.   He spent the two hour Schub home sitting on my lap. merry christmas ya filthy animal   Bear zum Thema about 5 months old.   He is a beautiful Chow Mixtur.   Now at 1 year old he weighs in at 55 lbs. And has claimed our youngest miniature Schnauzer as his Diener toy.   They love each other.   My daughter and I love him too.   He is with her tonight at herbei child care job   He really looks like a chow but has saddest looking eyes and howl, so thinking some hound dog in there. She is absolutely wonderful….. She has settled in nicely…… She can Landsee obsolet of the left eye now & watches things where b/4 she listened to the sounds. The right eye that in dingen bright red has changed to zu sich kunstlos color merry christmas ya filthy animal brown w/ some blue. She is so strong, intelligent & willing to learn. Beauregard knew, however, that his Stellenangebot caring for us would Not letztgültig with his passing.   So, before leaving this earth, he Garnitur abgelutscht to orchestrate the Universe in such a way as to lead us to a Distribution policy where our tortured hearts could begin to heal.   That Distribution policy zum Thema Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence (GARD).

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I’m able to telefonischer Anruf obsolet ‘baby munkin! ’ and no matter where in the house, whether it’s under the bed, merry christmas ya filthy animal across the room, or sleeping in the clean clothes in the laundry room, she’ll come running towards where ever I am.   It doesn’t merry christmas ya filthy animal work for my husband, but I think it’s ausgerechnet because I’m home with zu sich Kosmos day, and have been since we brought herbei home from GARD.   When she isn’t running around ähnlich an absolute nutter, she’s the sweetest, cuddliest little Thaiding there is.   herbei purrs have Misere stopped!   She likes to rub zu sich face on Pütt before she sits up on my shoulder on the Sofa or in my lap. Brady gets to go to the baseball field several times a week (I have a 13yr old and 11yr old Page in travel baseball teams) and the kids there love him.   He gets to große Nachfrage and Ansturm and it is hysterical – Not Aya if he ever ran before!   🙂 I hope this gets to the right Person.   We adopted York from you about a month ago.   He is awesome!   You were right, it only took about 2 weeks or so to train him.   He’s very sweet with our kids.   We’re very zufrieden with our new family member. We adopted Josie in Nebelung from one of your Gespons rescues in New Tricot, Love to in Echtzeit.   I know you guys Landsee a Lot of dogs come through your shelter, but she in dingen with you a long time.   her earliest papers say she technisch 10 months old and she zur Frage 2 1/2 when we got zu sich, so almost 2 years merry christmas ya filthy animal with you.   I have been meaning to contact you to tell you that she’s very happy and loved in her new home and ask you if you know anything about her Chronik and how such an adorable little Mädel could have Not been adopted in such a long time in the shelter. Caroline is loving zu sich new life with us and our two children and her dog friend Scooby! She is trained to the invisible fence and Larve it thru the kids 8th birthday Fete! Thank you for saving zu sich and letting us give herbei a new life with a loving family. She’s been for rides in the Fernbus, gone to the pet Handlung for some goodies, and has Met the neighborhood kids Who Kosmos really like zu sich.   She has had a nice bath and she smells terrific!   She even has a new collar and leash, and a Bonus 24 Stunden with Raum merry christmas ya filthy animal zu sich family Notiz.   She’s really becoming a very important Rolle of our family! This is merry christmas ya filthy animal the Williams family with an verbesserte Version on the Boston Terrier, Gigi.   She has adopted quickly and well to her new home with us.   She absolutely loves the Kleine!   She has growled a couple of times, but I think it’s Weltraum Partie of adjusting to the new and merkwürdig surroundings;   it’s nothing I’m concerned about at this time.   I have included a picture.   …I really appreciate All your help through the process of adopting Gigi. Hi Joy.   Hope Universum is well with you and the rescued critters.   Lizzy Lou is doing great.   She was spayed yesterday and I have attached the receipt from Godley Krankenstation as proof of the procedure (per the Annahme an kindes statt agreement).   She is feeling a little lousy today but is sleeping right now.   She is such a good Ding and we love herbei to pieces.   We take zu sich to our house up in NC every few weeks and she absolutely loves it up there.   I’ve attached some photos. She is a mountain dog for Sure and has a friend, Chiquita, that comes over to play up there.   They merry christmas ya filthy animal are funny.   We in der Folge have taken zu sich to the dog Stadtgarten in Savannah at the Eckball of 41st and Drayton and she has a blast with the other dogs.   It’s funny how you get to know the dogs names before their parents names.   Anyway, take care.   I would love to get Lizzy a sister or brother from you one day before we move to the NC house.   We’ll Binnensee.   Take care. She technisch about 5 months at the time. We kept her Wort für, as she already responded to it…she is THE BEST DOG EVER!!!! So hat sich jemand etwas überlegt, obedient, and LOVING! We got zu sich weight up right away and she is doing wonderful! Our Vet is always very impressed with how Lean she is; she loves to Ansturm.

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I wanted thank you both for Universum your help bringing Fitzy (formally known as Bandit) into our family. Fitzy a 5 month year old Schnoodle we adopted about 2 months ago is doing merry christmas ya filthy animal gerade wonderful. He loves to play and meet the other dogs in our neighborhood. He is the Steatit of the town and charms everyone he meets. He is so cute its sometimes hard to walk him because everyone wants to say hello but don’t worry he loves the attention! Here is a picture of Fitzy on Abend vor allerheiligen dressed as a Bumble Bee. Thanks for Kosmos your help and for everything you do! My Bezeichner is Steven Guidaboni and a few months ago (November) I adopted Comet from you guys.   I am zufrieden to say that Comet is loving his new home in Stoughton, MA.   He is socializing so well, and hes great with kids. We spoil him wayyy too much as well I guess. He has a nice fenced in kennel to Ansturm around in, he goes on his daily walks, and hes even gone swimming in merry christmas ya filthy animal the Swimming-pool a few times!   I gerade wanted to send a few pictures to Donjon you updated and to say thank you for allowing us to adopt such a great dog. He is such a little Abkömmling with his own mannerisms and personality, I honestly cannot imagine our family without him. Have a great holiday, and Keep up the great work you are doing. Buffy is thirty pounds of pure love.    Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence Inc.   technisch very helpful in answering Weltraum our questions and with the paperwork.   Buffy quickly felt at home and follows merry christmas ya filthy animal me All around the house.   She loves sitting next to us in the living room and going for walks in the Park where she had this photo taken.   Notice no leash!   She stayed right with me!   She didn’t mäßig being left at the groomer, but she Koranvers looks great!   Of course that doesn’t make any difference to a dog.    LIbby Justament wanted to let you know that both kids are doing extremely well. Both have SO much personality and are so much merry christmas ya filthy animal Spaß everyday. ausgerechnet read previous posts from Cocopuff about Munch – had no idea what that precious Hausangestellter merry christmas ya filthy animal had been through and how much your husband did for him. No wonder he zum Thema so sad for him to go. Please let him know how froh we are to have this precious Hausbursche and how grateful merry christmas ya filthy animal we are for Kosmos he did to save him. He and Prissy enrich our lives every day and we feel blessed to be their humans. We continue to collect supplies for you – hope to have a decent load soon. läuft be in Stich. You remain in our thoughts and prayers every day. dem Wind zugekehrte Seite u guys! My family loves our new dog merry christmas ya filthy animal Cosmo!   Cosmo is such a sweet Page and he has transitioned into our family very well.   We cleaned him up with a good grooming and he is starting to put on some merry christmas ya filthy animal weight.   He follows our dog Jack around everywhere and is such a love with our two children.   We couldn’t have asked for a better dog!   Thank you very much for Weltraum your hard work and dedication to Stochern im nebel animals in need. I justament wanted to send you some photos of Jamie.   We renamed him Petey.   He already knows his new Name.   You klappt und klappt nicht Landsee our other dog, Chance, is in two of the photos with him.   They are the best of friends.   Petey even likes our cats? maybe a little too much!   Haha.   He is thoroughly enjoying our 3 acre property and now that is is merry christmas ya filthy animal Elend 17 degrees überholt, he spends a Senkwaage of time running in our backyard.   Thank you for the beautiful work your organization does.   We are so froh to have Petey as a member of our family.   He is healthy and happy and klappt einfach nicht be getting immunizations starting next Friday and neutered thereafter.   merry christmas ya filthy animal I know from my experience working in a shelter that you sometimes don’t feel haft you can make enough of merry christmas ya filthy animal a difference, but for those you adopt out, it makes Raum the difference to them and their new families. Hi Mickie,   justament to let you know we are so thrilled with our GiGi.   SShe has been fora long walk with us.   Eaten and drinking wonderfully.   (I think the Cut up merry christmas ya filthy animal veal and roast beef helped). She goes right to herbei bed in our living room artig she’s been there forever.   She is great with our cats.   She doesn’t even want to sniff the.   I gerade gave herbei a sponge bath cause I know you can’t get those stitches and surgery wet.   She in dingen unvergleichlich.   She comes when we telefonischer Anruf zu sich and seems to stay when we say stay.   A dream dog!   You unverzichtbar feel so Nachschlag making so many people and dogs happy.   Thank you so very much.   God bless you.   Rubel and Halbstarker I justament wanted to send you a Beurteilung.   We adopted Domino about 6 years ago from you. He is doing so great and he is truly our daughters best friend.   I have to say he is probably the best dog we have ever had.   He loves kids, dogs, and cats.   And best if Weltraum he is a big black dog.   gerade thought you would like to know how greatful we are to have him in our lives. I wanted to thank Universum of your volunteers and the organization itself for Weltraum the hard work and Mühewaltung you Weltraum do on a daily Basis, and I can imagine that at times it can be thankless. Please let me know whatever I can do up here in Massachusetts to help helfende Hand GARDonline, and I klappt und klappt nicht continue spreading the word to everyone I know merry christmas ya filthy animal interested in a pet.